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The Simple Path to Wealth | JL Collins | Ep 411

In this episode: VTSAX funds, bonds, cap-weighted funds, finding your ballasts, staying the course, and the simple path to wealth.

This week, we are getting back to the basics! While many of you who have been in the FI community for a while now have definitely heard of JL Collins, those who are new should absolutely be prepared to absorb the wealth of information he provides every time he decides to grace our podcast! Listen along as he and Brad review the basic information that can put you on the simple path to wealth that so many in the FI community have walked! Believe it or not, creating wealth for yourself can be simple!

JL Collins:


  • 1:46 – Introduction
  • 2:40 – Back To Basics, What Is The Simple Path To Wealth
  • 10:15 – Low-Cost Funds And High-Cost Funds
  • 14:56 – Index Funds Are For Lazy People (Just Kidding!)
  • 20:00 – Is It VTSAX Or Nothing?
  • 26:58 – Cap-Weighted Funds
  • 30:53 – Staying The Course
  • 36:32 – Are There Times When Index Funds Aren’t A Good Choice?
  • 42:28 – The Highest Likelihood Of Replicable Success
  • 46:38 – Bonds
  • 51:36 – Rising Rates
  • 55:17 – I-Bonds
  • 58:22 – Finding Your Ballasts
  • 64:55 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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