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Beginning of a New Era | Ep 392

In this episode: Unlocking Freedom, The Optimized Path, Skilling Up, The Perpetual Money Making Machine, and an exciting new era for ChooseFI.

It is truly the end of an era at ChooseFI. After six years, over 400 episodes, and all the laughs shared along the way, Jonathan is taking a step away from the show to explore a new chapter in his life. On his way out, he and Brad hopped on the microphones as co-hosts one last time to discuss the lessons they have learned making this podcast, some key points of consideration for your FI journey, and the absolutely amazing community that has been built around this podcast. This audience truly embodies the word crowd in the word crowdsourced. Best of luck to Jonathan on all his new endeavors, and be sure to tune in next week as Brad carries the podcast into its new era!


  • 0:57 – The End of an Era
  • 5:00 – The Last 5 Years and The Evolution of FI
  • 12:12 – Unlocking Freedom
  • 15:57 – Math, Hope, and Time
  • 19:47 – The Optimized Path
  • 25:21 – The Perpetual Money Making Machine
  • 34:16 – Skilling Up and Education
  • 38:58 – The Value of Being Crowdsourced
  • 46:36 – Reach Out To Us!
  • 48:07 – Conclusion

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