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Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #1

Welcome to the Hot Mess Joy Club. Jillian shares a few messy stories to help us realize that we all have our moments.

The Hot Mess Joy Club

Even if you are trying to be really intentional, some days life proves that you just aren’t crushing. Life gets complicated and messy, no matter how much you try to stay on track.

No matter how great you are doing in one area, life is really great at reminding you that you are a total hot mess in another area of life in that moment.

Although Jillian has hit some major milestones in her life, she admits to it being a hot mess some of the time. She is a firm believer that if you don’t laugh about your struggles, then you’ll just cry. So Jillian has opted to laugh about it and hopes you will to.

A Day In The Life

The reality is that everyone’s life is a hot mess sometimes. Jillian shared two of her recent Hot Mess Joy Club moments.

Staying Organized?

Although she used to be very organized, more children and projects mean that she can no longer work too far ahead. Last night, while Jillian was checking into her Airbnb, life reminded her that sometimes she is a member of the Hot Mess Joy Club.

She arrived in Virginia with almost no phone battery left and no charger to help her. She found what she thought was the Airbnb and started charging her phone on the front porch because the people inside didn’t let her in.

Since there are usually Airbnb instructions online, she was simply hanging out and waiting for her phone to charge. Eventually, she starts to realize that the picture of the Airbnb and the house aren’t matching up. Once she starts to think about it, she realizes that she is at the wrong house and the people inside might think that she is trying to break in.

As soon as she realized it was the wrong house, she zipped up her suitcase and started running across the yard. It was most definitely a Hot Mess Joy Club moment!

What Is That Smell?

In October, Jillian hosted an amazing retreat in Montana with several outstanding speakers. One of those speakers was Mr. Money Mustache who is someone that Jillian looks up to. At the end of the retreat, Mr. Money Mustache’s flight was delayed, so Jillian invited him back to her house to wait for the next flight.

On their way to Jillian’s house, Jillian texted her husband that they were coming. When they walked into the house, it looked perfectly tidy but it smelled! Although her husband doesn’t notice, Jillian is panicking. In the end, the source of the smell was one of her children’s pet rats’ uncleaned cage.

Embracing The Hot Mess Joy Club

Although life isn’t always perfect, as long as you are making progress you are doing great! Don’t let the Hot Mess Joy Club moments of your life stop you from making progress.

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