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Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #4

It’s all just a lot of failure

People, including Jillian, like to throw out motivating business phrases like, “Fail fast!”, “Fail forward!” or “Growth happens outside your comfort zone!”. The reality is that no matter how you spin it, it is just a lot of failure.

“Failure doesn’t actually feel so glamorous, you just feel like I hot mess” 

Jillian shares three hot mess stories from her recent speaking engagements. On the outside the finished product can look great and garner supportive feedback, but behind the scenes it’s all a hot mess. 

One story centers on Jillian’s trip to Camp FI. Knowing it was a pretty casual gathering she planned on writing much of her presentation on the plane. However, in the air, those good intentions were greeted by the onset of a nervous stomach. She wore out the walkway to the lavatory and endured the side eye from fellow travellers, but she still managed to have a quality presentation to offer. 

As hard as it is to believe, even the most polished speakers on stage don’t have it all together. 
There are times when you can do everything right, and things still go awry. Jillian shares her first-hand experience of preparing a top-notch presentation – even before the plane ride – and encountering problems that she had no control over.  A popping microphone resulted in a whispering Jillian, as she hoped she could present her amazing content quiet enough to stop the distracting popping. What a mess.

While all three speaking engagements turned out great, behind the scenes she was sweating bullets.

Jillian hopes that by sharing her stories of being in a hot mess situation, you can be encouraged that failure does not mean you are doing it wrong. In fact, it’s an indicator that you are growing!

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