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Welcome to My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #3

Welcome to Hot Mess Joy Club, where Jillian shares some messy stories to help remind us that we’re all human and have our messy moments.

This year, Jillian turned 37. Her birthday was extra exciting because her podcast was launching. While she usually doesn’t do much for her birthday, she decided that this year she should make it extra special. At first she had the exciting thought to invite people over to celebrate, but then she began to have the terrifying thought: what if no one comes?

“What if I put out there to the world that I’m going to have a party, and nobody shows up?”

It was an embarrassing and painful thought to have. A lot of us may feel the same way. Sure, we have friends, but would any of them show up? On one hand, Jillian is the person that loves to talk with people, support people, go to events, and vacations with friends. But on the other, she was honestly afraid that no one would show up to her birthday party.

Jillian ended up having a party and going out to ice cream. Some people did show up, and it ended up being a great time.

However, after the party, while she was driving away, she realized that she had been so distracted by worrying if anyone would come, she forgot to brush her hair. Embarrassing, but oh well. Wait, she realized she forgot deodorant as well!

On top of all of that, she gets pulled over as all these thoughts are running through her head. Why on earth did she get pulled over? The cop came up and looked inside her car. With 5 kids and the cold winters where Jillian is, it’s hard to keep up with a clean car. It just gets messier than usual.

When the cop looked everything over, he called for backup. With the condition of her car, how she smelled, and her hair, he probably thought that she had a warrant out for her arrest! To make everything worse, Jillian couldn’t find her driver’s license anywhere.

“He’s like, okay, can’t find your driver’s license, well, what’s your name…what’s your date of birth? And I’m like, today’s my birthday!”

The reason she got pulled over ended up being because she had a light out. While on social media she was celebrating her birthday and the launch of her podcast, this ended up being her hot mess birthday!<

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