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Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #2

Jillian is back with a new hot mess. The hot mess (joy) club part two covers a particularly painful moment in the dressing room and forgetting an important milestone.

Sometimes if we don’t laugh about it, we’ll just cry. So we’re just going to choose to laugh instead.

Courageous Moments Aren’t Perfect

Before recording Season two of the podcast, Jillian needed to go clothes shopping. It’s not her favorite activity because nothing seems to fit. Can you relate?

Clothes shopping for me is really trying on 10 items of clothing, and feeling really horrible about how I look in 9 of those 10. So it’s just depressing…Its own special kind of torture.

Jillian hadn’t bought jeans for three years. Her inner thighs had rubbed a hole in both legs, so now was the time.

I know holes in pants are very trendy with all you young folks. Not there, apparently. That’s the one spot where it’s not trendy to have holes in your pants is on your inner thigh because your thighs have rubbed together too much. For some reason that fashion has not caught on yet.

Going into the store, a sweet 19-year-old girl immediately helped Jillian. Something much needed when shopping fills you with dread. Into the dressing room Jillian went with the girl bringing her jean after jean.

For me, last week, courage looked like slowly and painfully explaining to this adorable, wonderful 19-year-old girl why all of the pants she was bringing me just wouldn’t work on my amazing mom body…Apparently after making two humans inside my body and then eating peanut butter sandwiches that were leftover from four other additional humans, it’s just a little different.

Six feet tall and several kids later, the jeans were not working. Jillian had to explain this to the attendant. She also had to keep the hunt for new jeans since she was wearing the inner thigh hole jeans as she shopped. Courageous moments aren’t perfect. They’re real, a little raw, and might circle around inner thigh holes.

Check out the Everyday Courage YouTube channel.

Sometimes You Miss A Milestone

The reality is that hot messy moments of imperfection aren’t reserved for jean shopping trips. If you have kids, you probably experience them every day.

Jillian reflects that she used to be very organized when she had one and two kids. But more children and more projects meant some important milestones have been missed. Sometimes you just miss things.

This was highlighted for Jillian last week when her first-grader picked up a book and started reading.

Wait she can read? Crap. And for a second I literally thought, what grade is she in again? Oh, she’s in first. Then I couldn’t remember how well a first grader should be able to read.

Parent-teacher conferences happened a few days later. Jillian and her husband inquired about the reading level of their daughter. Their daughter’s teacher bragged about how well she was reading and then told Jillian and her husband they must be working hard at home on her reading skills. They laughed and said they couldn’t take the credit.

I had completely forgotten to teach this kid how to read. I don’t know what was going on. I don’t know if I was just like ‘Yeah, that will come soon.’… It was one of those moments where you’re like, I’m glad she doing well and I totally dropped the ball.

Jillian is super thankful for public education and fantastic teachers who helped in this area. It’s hard to keep track of all the things. Sometimes they slip through the cracks.

So if this is you, and things got missed, you’re not alone. Welcome to the hot mess joy club. There’s no perfection here. Only a little bit of courage every day.

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