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Vitamin FI–Cures All Your Financial Anxiety

Shortness of breath, chest pain, numbness or tingling, nausea and cramping. These aren’t just a list of symptoms on the latest drug infomercial. These are also the symptoms of logging into your online bank account.

This is likely how you feel when that credit card statement arrives, or when you check the remaining balance on your student loan debt.

So what do you do when financial anxiety hits?

Check with your FI clinician

Personal finances can contribute to these symptoms, and the mass media lends a hand in increasing our anxiety levels. The headlines are all over the interwebs. “57% of Americans have less than a 1,000 dollars in savings.” “Are we heading towards a Great Depression?” Ignore these headlines!

In fact, we should probably avoid most anxiety producing sources. Stop and take back control of your finances. The FI doctor assess this emergency and says “take the red pill.” The only side effects are a better financial future.

What is this wonderful drug that is going to make my finances great again? Big shocker, there is not a drug to fix your finances; it’s you.

No one cares about your finances more than you, so empower yourself and take action. My inner convictions, led me to believe that I was on the right path. A path that would bring me happiness, but the opposite was true. I needed something to jolt me in the right direction, something stronger than a drug. I needed a cardioversion, or an electrical reset, for my finances.  

In the past, I frequently dabbled in the popular MSN and Yahoo personal finance articles. Clark Howard’s newest savings tip or hack seemed to draw my attention, but I felt there was something lacking. Like many of my FI peers, I finally stumbled across a little website in early 2014 called Mr. Money Mustache. This was the electricity I needed to change my life.

Let me help you through your emergency

I am CodeblueFI. A 35-year-old registered nurse who has approximately 10 years till Financial Independence.

Nurses aspire to help people lead healthier lives. Nurses are taught to treat the whole patient. A solid financial foundation is an unambiguous path to a happier, healthier, more productive existence.

That is why I want to share my personal stories. In the hope that I can encourage and inspire my fellow humans to lead happier, healthier, more meaningful lives. It can be called an awaking, a cardioversion, a FI180, but it epitomizes the change many of us experience as we make our u-turn down the path to FI.

Choose right

ChooseFI has one of the best platforms to educate those who desire a brighter financial future. As John C Maxwell states, “Doing the right thing daily compounds over time.” Every week we have a new podcast episode where we can learn just a little bit more about making ourselves better.  ChooseFI Facebook group continues to be a life sustaining library of information in which members inject their personal experiences to encourage our peers one question or life hack at a time. 

Please choose the ‘red pill’, the pill that doesn’t have all those nasty side effects. The drug that shocks us to a path that leads you and me to that happier, healthier, more fulling existence. 

Whether you have a debt emergency, or are just starting to check off the pillars of FI.  Maybe you hit that FI number this year, or maybe you are struggling to get that Why of FI under your belt. Whatever road you have traveled, I invite you to come along with me as we explore my ups and downs, my fails and my wins.

Here are a few topics forecasting the subject matter I’ll explore.

  • Financial Independence with a stay-at-home wife and four kids

There are numerous topics here to discuss including: Side hustles, kid activities, food budgets, school activities, costs of kids, and plenty more.

Raising chickens, goats, and pigs is one of my hobbies that brings me joy. Teaching my kids how to raise these wonderful creatures for food and fun can be a wonderful educational experience. Gardening and growing lots of our own food takes hard work and brings some wonderful health benefits.

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  • Financial Independence as a RN

I want to write about how to increase your salary, hack your RN degree, RN travel, hack your way to the middle class, volunteering, and many of the other nuances that nursing and other healthcare professions can bring in regards to finances.  

  • Passion projects

This section will include things that are important to me, such as self-education.  I may write about a post I saw on social media, or a book I just read, or a topic that caught my attention at work.  It may reveal personal numbers, goals, and things I am doing or changing financially.  

Thank you for following along with me on my journey, and I look forward to learning together.  

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