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Using Rental Property to Accelerate FI with Coach Carson

If Jillian needs real estate advice, she goes straight to trusted friend Chad “Coach” Carson. What was meant to be a pause before med school turned into a full time pathway to financial independence for Coach Carson. 

While Chad has been active in developing a large real estate portfolio in the last two decades, when he started out he had two concise milestones: 

First, he wanted to survive with his own business. Carson wanted to be able to put food on the table and create a viable business that paid the bills. It was a goal he reached within the first two years. 

Second, Coach wanted to create a rental portfolio that would pay his living expenses. He and his business partner accomplished this goal in a little over a decade. 

Carson believes real estate is simple when it comes to the numbers: decide how much you want to earn and purchase the number of properties necessary to make that happen. 

While most people don’t want to be stuck in a nightmare landlord position with a little effort on the front end of the process, you don’t have to be. One of Coach’s primary motivators has been to create a life where time isn’t prohibitive. 

Real estate has allowed Carson to create a life where he has the time to be a family man, travel, and invest in what he calls “social entrepreneurship” for the good of his community. 

You don’t have to be a real estate mogul with thousands of properties, you can find tremendous financial benefit by just dabbling. It may be the key to helping you get halfway to FI in the next decade. 

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