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Time is Your Ultimate Luxury | Ep 385

In this episode: Time as a Luxury, The Power of F-U Money, The Cost of DIY, Planning, and Decision Making.

Even though time is our most precious non-renewable resource, the society we live in tends to take that fact for granted. Is working more to earn more really the most efficient use of your time? Possibly, but effective planning and delegation of your resources can help you find a much better balance between the things you have to do to support your lifestyle, and the things you want to do throughout your life! Once time is spent you can’t get it back, so plan accordingly so you can make the most of it!


  • 0:56 – Introduction and Are Your Winning Life?
  • 4:18 – Tax Abatement Feedback
  • 11:30 – Credit Cards Purchases
  • 19:34 – Crypto Exchanges
  • 23:55 – Time is the Ultimate Resource
  • 30:16 – Finding a Sweet Spot Between Frugality and Freedom
  • 38:12 – The Power of Evaluating Your Options
  • 46:55 – Planning Unlocks Freedom
  • 53:29 – Conclusion

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