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The Student Loan Reset | The Student Loan Planner | Ep 391

In this episode: student loan forgiveness, public service loan for forgiveness, and getting closer to loan forgiveness.

How would you respond to finding out your looming student loan debts could be forgiven? Well for some of you that could be possible, but you need to act quickly! Travis Hornsby from The Student Loan Planner joins the show this week to discuss public service loans for forgiveness, and how a massive opportunity to tackle your student debt could be available to up to 25% of people with student loans, but only for a limited window of time!

The deadline for applications for this waiver is currently October 31st, 2022 so listen along to see if this option can be applicable to you, and if so visit the link to book a consultation with The Student Loan Planner team ASAP!

The Student Loan Planner

Book a personalized consultation with The Student Loan Planner team – including an automatic $100 DISCOUNT for ChooseFI listeners!


  • 1:43 – Introduction
  • 3:04 – The Public Service Loan for Forgiveness
  • 4:51 – Public Service
  • 6:05 – The Problem This Fixes
  • 11:57 – Getting Closer to Forgiveness
  • 16:21 – Why This is Urgent
  • 21:13 – Deadline Information
  • 22:54 – Slam Dunk Case Example
  • 28:36 – Self-Screening Test
  • 30:20 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode

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