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The Real Households of FI

Troy and Lindsay

Meet Troy and Lindsay, a married couple with one child that just paid off $88,000 in debt but are unclear what to do next. They both still enjoy their careers but want to become financially independent in order to reclaim control of their time and have the option of not working.

Key Topics: Side hustles, savings rate, emergency funds, $2 meals

Troy and Lindsay

Troy and Lindsay are married with one child and recently paid off $88,000 in debt but are unsure of what to do next to set themselves up for the future. They both still enjoy their jobs but want to reach financial independence so that they don’t have to work.

Key Topics: Side hustles, savings rate, emergency funds, $2 meals


Carol is 56 years old with just $300 in a retirement account. Due to her late start, her goal is to retire without having to worry that she can’t support herself.

Key Topics: Late start, retirement, paying off debt, money habits


Vivian is a single mom earning a high income, but is also fighting breast cancer and in the midst of a custody battle. Her parents have no retirement savings of their own, so Vivian is including them in her planning. Her ultimate goal is to spend more time with her daughter, family, and friends.

Key Topics: Savings rate, paying off $300K in debt,

Meg and Matt

Matthew and Megan are a dual military couple, though he is in the British Royal Navy and she is in the United States Navy causing them to be geographically separated. Their goal is to be FI by the age of 40 and live off their military pensions taking advantage of international geo-arbitrage.

Key Topics: Dual households, budgets, time to FI, get time back

Martin & Ayesha

Martin and Ayesha are natural savers living in Chicago with their 2 children. Their goals are to develop a financial plan for their children’s education, decrease their taxable income, and increase their savings rate to 65%, with the ultimate goal of retiring 10 years.

Key Topics: Early retirement, savings rate, travel rewards


Corrine is a 32-year-old accountant living in Gainesville, Florida who never had an interest in personal finance until this year. She is looking to become more intentional with budgeting and saving, prioritize what’s important to her, and build the life she wants.

Key Topics: Early retirement, savings rate, travel rewards


Kristi is a single mom with a daughter living in Minnesota. She was introduced to financial independence right as she was finishing her MBA and was concerned about facing life after meeting her education goals. Since finding ChooseFI, she has been cutting expenses and increasing savings. She wants her daughter to develop a healthy understanding and attitude toward money as well as build a robust plan for her own future.

Key Topics: Making money work for you, paying for kids college, consumerism, confidence in plan

Zach and Marilyn

Zach and Marilyn love the outdoors and flipping homes. Living in Cedar City, Utah with their two children on a modest income, they managed to pay off $50,000 in debt and have been saving money in a lot of different buckets. They would like to purchase a dream home, increase their savings rate to 50%, increase their income, and maybe even house hack.

Key Topics: Side hustle, paying off debt, freedom, taking vacations