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The Four Backstops to the Four Percent Rule | Sean Mullaney | Ep 376

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan welcome Sean Mullaney back onto the podcast to discuss the four backstops of the Four Percent Rule!

While many in the FI community consider the Four Percent Rule to be a pillar for retirement planning, these relatively unknown backstops could save or enhance your retirement as you continue along the path less traveled! Listen along to see if any of these backstops could apply to you and your own future planning!

As always, the discussion is general and educational in nature and does not constitute tax, investment, legal, or financial advice with respect to any particular individual or taxpayer. Please consult your own advisors regarding your own unique situation.

Sean Mullaney


  • 0:59 – Introductions
  • 1:37 – The Four Percent Rule and Inflation
  • 12:20 – Annual Expenses
  • 14:19 – Decline in Energy and Expenses
  • 22:14 – Social Security
  • 30:53 – Downsizing and The Reverse Mortgage
  • 38:53 – Later Years Backstops
  • 43:21 – Mortality
  • 48:48 – Conclusion

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