The Roth 401K and Meal Planning Made Easy | EP 289

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show For almost 12 months, we’ve all been trying to do the best that we can. As frequently discussed on the show, we try to do things slightly different, optimize in the ways that we can, and make the best of the situation. Jonathan’s wife Dani has been coming […]

5 Critical Items You Need On Your Year-End Financial Checklist

When your goal is Financial Independence, you watch your spending and saving very carefully all year. But that doesn’t diminish the need for a year-end financial checklist. On that checklist are things that you should do at the end of every single calendar year to make sure your finances are in the best shape possible […]

Tax Planning 2020 | EP 274

Sean Mullaney Website: Blog: The FI Tax Guy What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show It’s end-of-year tax planning time. As you get further along in your financial independence journey, there are likely more end-of-year tax planning items you’ll need to be aware of. Having a checklist to review annually is useful. It’s been an unusual […]

How to save thousands in Taxes using Geo-arbitrage | Ep 217

Download your Geo-Arbitrage Tax Guide here David Mckeegan Website:  Greenback Expat Tax Services What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The difference between foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credit and how to qualify for each, and how US citizens and tax residents can use them to save thousands of dollars every year. How […]

Tax Loss Harvesting and Other Money Moves to Make During a Financial Crisis | Ep 205

In Today’s Episode Sean Mullaney joins the show to discuss the money moves you should make during a financial crisis and how to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting. Tax Loss Harvesting With Sean Mullaney Website: The FI Tax Guy What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show The 5 money moves to make during a financial […]

170R |A Capital Gains Case Study For 2020

You’ll learn more about the implications of capital gains and the mechanics of tax optimization for these gains. With two case studies, you’ll start to realize the power of optimizing your capital gains strategy. On Monday, we saw the biggest daily drop in the DOW in history. With the extreme volatility in the market, it […]

What Are Capital Gains? Understand The Tax Brackets To Get The Most From Your Investments

Capital gains optimization can allow you to build a tax-efficient investment strategy. Since understanding capital gains is one of the key building blocks of Financial Independence, we are taking a closer look at the concept today. Table Of Contents Important Terms What Are Capital Gains? Tax Implications Of Capital Gains What Are Capital Losses? How […]

169R | Prepared, Not Scared

With a week of market scares, this episode revisits the importance of being prepared, not scared. Plus, you’ll hear about some exciting announcements from the ChooseFI community. With the market drop of 12% this past week, it is easy to panic. However, periodic drops in the market are completely normal. This is not the first […]