031 | Travel Rewards What Comes After Chase | Travel to Disney World for Free

Free Disney Vacations & Disney Credit Card

Learn how to Travel to Disney for Free. If you focus on these Disney Credit Cards you can put together the family vacation of a lifetime and save upwards of $4000 on travel.   This episode highlights which cards to work on after  you’ve finished with the Chase credit cards plus whether you should focus on one trip or a general strategy. In Today’s Podcast we cover: Part 2 of the travel rewards … Read more

009 | Travel Rewards: How To Travel The World For Free (The Easy Way)

The Ultimate Podcast for Travel Rewards

This is the Ultimate Guide to Travel the World for Nearly Free Why Jonathan started with travel rewards: Wife’s family in Zimbabwe: $6,000 in flights every two years What is this travel rewards strategy all about? Minimum spending requirement defined Options to meet minimum spending requirement Return on investment: instead of 1.5% rewards, you can earn upwards of 33% Impact on credit score and Brad’s personal experience Is this strategy … Read more

Travel Rewards | Part 3 : Sweet Redemption

Congratulations you have now learned how to earn more points in one year than your neighbors or Facebook friends will earn in a lifetime. Now, what the heck do you do with them? Let’s discuss the 3 options for redeeming these Chase Ultimate Rewards points These Chase Ultimate Rewards Points are chilling in your account until you choose to use them. The first and WORST option is to redeem them for … Read more

Travel Rewards | Part 1 :Travel The World for Free An Introduction

My Wife Is From Zimbabwe. Her Family Still Lives There. Anyone that marries someone from another country might appreciate what I am about to share. We try to visit her family every other year, and there are financial implications for that decision. A flight to Zimbabwe cost anywhere from $2500 to $4000 depending on the time of year. And we would need two tickets. That is not something you can … Read more