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Hey ChooseFI listeners and members of the FI community! Would you like to join us on our Friday Roundup Episodes and share your story and unique path to Financial independence?

Do you have a story or perspective that we have yet to cover on the show up till now?

Maybe you created a spreadsheet you would like to see discussed or added to the Vault (we love our spreadsheets!).

Whatever it is, if it’s FI related, we want to hear it and share it! 

As you know we are all about actionable takeaways for our audience. So if that’s you, then give us additional information below

Get started by submitting the information below:

Audio check if you are invited to come on the show: 

Do you have an external USB microphone? If yes then we’re good here! If not then we’ll need to take a look at some options.

Audio quality is critical as we want to present you in the best light possible, and bad audio quality is a huge distraction. We’ve found that having a USB microphone is absolutely essential, and here are the options we’ve found work best:

  1. Cheapest quality option ~$25 (this is a 7/10 quality sound) 

Headset Microphone

2.Best option outside of ultra-professional mics ~$65 (9/10 quality) 

The audio technica ATR-2100: If you plan to be on future podcasts this one is worth every penny. This is actually the mic that Brad uses for all our podcasts!  We cannot overstate how amazing this mic is for the money. It is the best budget microphone on the market and surprisingly inexpensive (if you get it, spend the extra $3 dollars for the foam pop filter add on item)