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It all begins with taking that first step, that first action, to completely change your personal finances.

Our members are at all different points in their financial journey

Whether you are just discovering us with 6 figures of student loan debt, no debt, or 6 figures in your investments, there is a place for you in our community. And the best part is that we can all help each other get to the next step in our journey.

In order to make sure we are helping you find the information that is relevant to you, we have two main paths that you can start to click through to find content to help you where you are.

Financial Basics

Learn how to make the most of the money you have right now, learn how to get out of debt, take control of your budget, and start getting your money to work for you. A great starting place if you are new to FI.
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Financial Independence

Build the life you want based on smart investing strategies, like optimization techniques, and real-life case studies of those who have broken out of the fixed mindset to live their dream life right now.