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Start A Debt Free Business With Alan Donegan

Rebel Entrepreneur and PopUp Business School Co-founder Alan Donegan, chats with Jillian about his journey from cold-calling dud to finding financial independence in the last decade.

Quoting from his own journals, Alan recounts his struggle and feelings of inadequacy. Thankfully, he caught a break when a friend needed his help developing and implementing a class on entrepreneurship in the local school. This opportunity changed his trajectory.

“That sent me on a mission to change the way entrepreneurship is taught and  how people actually build businesses”

While hard to imagine nowadays, Alan was painfully shy when he started out. Engaging with a local networking group over breakfasts for 6 months helped him develop more confidence in putting himself out there. He firmly believes that: 

“Everything you want in life is done through or with other people. And it’s the quality of those relationships that changes everything”

This has driven Alan to enhance his people skills and learn how to connect with others through asking questions. These tiny actions can help you overcome your biggest challenges.

Alan has invested a lot in his own personal development, but truly believes we can create anything we want in life. Investing in yourself and finding your community can help make your next decade life changing! What will you do with your next ten years? 

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