Frugal Recipe: Russian Potato Salad–Olivye

Frugal Recipe: Russian Potato Salad--Olivye

You will find this dish at every gathering in any Russian house, here or abroad. I’ve even seen versions of this salad in other European countries, where it is called Russian Salad. My friend shared that it was even served in many restaurants in Madrid, Spain! This is such a classic, it’s hard to imagine a holiday, birthday, or any get together without it. And it is an absolute must at … Read more

My Top Two Gluten Free Recipes–Meatballs and Meatloaf

My Top Two Gluten Free Recipes--Meatballs and Meatloaf

When I tested positive for gluten and dairy sensitivity, I had to rethink my whole way of cooking and eating. Gluten-free products are starting to be more widely available, like gluten-free bread, crackers, even flours and baking mixes; however, I’ve noticed they are often laden with sugar, salt, and hard to pronounce ingredients. I decided to come up with ways to adapt my tried and true recipes to this new way of … Read more

No Recipe Soup: The Easy Way To Meal Prep

No Recipe Soup The Easy Way To Meal Prep

Do you like to eat? Yeah, me too. Do you like to slave away in the kitchen every day? Yeah, me neither. This is why I do meal prepping. I cook and prepare all of my meals on the weekend for the upcoming week. Furthermore, I don’t follow recipes. Why? Because it allows me to be creative and use what is on hand. The Advantages of Meal Prepping The advantages … Read more

My Top 2 Comfort Food Instant Pot Recipes

My Top 2 Comfort Food Instant Pot Recipes

I must admit, when Instant Pot first appeared on the market, I was really skeptical about getting yet another appliance for my kitchen. I’m so glad I gave in and got it, I can’t imagine my life without it now. When you’re cooking with an instant pot, you can eliminate many in-between steps. You can brown the meat for stews and roasts and sauté vegetables right in your Instant Pot, … Read more

My Top Two Instant Pot Soup Recipes For Fall

My Top Two Instant Pot Soup Recipes For Fall

Is there an appliance more versatile than an Instant Pot? Whether you’re a single person or need to feed a big family, Instant Pot is a must have. You can make soups, roasts, a whole chicken, and even bake a cheesecake! One of my favorite ways to use it is to make soups. Nothing beats the one pot convenience and ease of cleanup. You can sauté vegetables, sweat onion and … Read more

The Ultimate Costco Meal Plan | Part 2

The Ultimate Costco Meal Plan - Part 2

The Ultimate Costco Meal Plan | Part 2 In Part 2 of the Ultimate Costco Meal Plan, we outlay the staples we purchase to crush the Grocery Bill  This meal plan focuses on Simplicity and Repetition. It is well suited to buying in bulk at discount prices. We tailor 80% of our meals around what we can buy in bulk at Costco and fill in the blanks with special deals … Read more

007 | America’s Food Obsession | How to Crush Your Grocery Bill

Why you need to take a hard look at your Grocery Bill, and Restaurant Budget and how to to crush it America’s food obsession: We’re fat and broke How Brad’s family saves money on food Being smart with ingredients. Buy in season How often does Brad’s family go out to eat? Go out for lunch instead of dinner Emergency meals in extra freezer Being efficient shopping at one store. Cut … Read more

The Ultimate Costco Meal Plan | Part 1

You need to think about food budgeting America has a food obsession. We have grocery stores at every major intersection, restaurants on every corner and fast food chains to fill the gaps in between. I have talked to many of my neighbors and those conversations mirror the statistics I read online. Most of middle-class America’s disposable income goes to food. Grocery and the food budget can range anywhere from $500 … Read more