135 | How To Leverage A Modest Income With Joel From How To Money

135 Joel Larsgaard How to Money

Brad and Jonathan talk to Joel from How to Money about his path to Financial Independence. Joel has pursued FI on a relatively low income and has used pure hustle to fill in the gaps. Joel’s Story In the beginning, the first thing that made Joel think about money was his parents’ bankruptcy. After years of spending at the upper limit of what they could afford, disaster struck and pushed … Read more

133 | How To Get Started Making Money With Airbnb with Zeona McIntyre

How To Get Started Making Money With Airbnb | Zeona McIntyre

Today Jonathan and Brad discuss Airbnb business building with Zeona McIntyre. Zeona’s Story Unlike many, Zeona does not allow paralysis by analysis to rule her life. With almost no real estate experience, she dove head first into an Airbnb business that has allowed her to build a life with options. Zeona has built a successful business and shares her best strategies today. The Beginning As a young woman, Zeona always … Read more

Your Options For Investing In Real Estate

Your Options For Investing In Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a path many investors use to build wealth. Today, you have many different opportunities to invest in real estate. But which one is right for you? There are four main ways to invest in real estate: Residential rental properties Commercial real estate Real estate investment trusts Crowdfunding What Real Estate Investment Options Are There? Personally, I use real estate as a way to diversify my … Read more

How To Buy Real Estate In A Roth IRA

How To Buy Real Estate In A Roth IRA

Did you know you can actually buy real estate in a Roth IRA? And it’s completely legal too, not the least of which since you can hold just about any asset in an IRA account. Some real estate promoters seriously pitch this option. And while it is certainly possible, you need to be fully aware that it’s also a very complicated process. We’re going to do a high-altitude report on … Read more

House Hacking With Airbnb

House Hacking With Airbnb

If you already own a single family home and aren’t in the market to be a duplex or another multi-family home anytime soon, you may feel that you have missed the boat on house hacking. Fear not! You absolutely can take advantage of the magic of househacking if you have a pool house, or even a spare room. If you have a room that’s usable for a guest–you too can … Read more

What Is House Hacking?

What Is House Hacking

House hacking. You’ve heard about it, and people in the ChooseFI community gush over how awesome it is. So, what the heck is house hacking and how can you do it? So, What Is House Hacking? House hacking is a term used by both real estate investors and the Choose FI community pretty regularly. Traditionally, house hacking refers to buying a multi-unit home (as opposed to a single family home) … Read more

How We House Hacked Our Way To FI

It’s fine to celebrate success but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure. – Bill Gates Long before we discovered this idea called Financial Independence, we knew that we had to do something above and beyond what we saw most people doing if we were going to get ahead. But up until our early 30’s the only recipe for success that we knew about was: Go to school and … Read more

Lousy 403(b) Options Led Me To FI Via Real Estate

EarlierFI Lousy 403B

When something is bad, you have two choices: Try to make it better or go somewhere else. That was the case with my 403(b). I got wind of how bad it was here. When the moment came to make a change, I decided to opt for a completely different investment vehicle. The sale While selling their tax-deferred 403(b)’s, all financial advisors will tell you the premise is simple: Pay fewer taxes today … Read more

047R |The Rule of 72

047R The Rule of 72

In today’s podcast we recap Episode 47 with Bryce and Kristy from Millennial Revolution including talk of home ownership and world travel, but a reader case study and voicemail. In Today’s Podcast we cover: A recap of our main takeaways from Episode 47 with Kristy and Bryce from Millennial Revolution How Brad explained the concept of compound interest to his daughter Anna and it was a lightbulb moment How Brad’s … Read more

016 | House Hacking With Coach Carson

House Hacking with Coach Carson

Have you heard of House Hacking? Break the game with this powerful lever In Today’s Podcast we cover: Real estate investing and house hacking with Chad “Coach” Carson. On the path to financial independence, how much of your own budget is going towards housing? After Chad graduated college at Clemson, he got started with real estate investing in his college town. How financial independence and real estate investing have allowed … Read more