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Why Does The Stock Market Go Up?

What You Will Get From This Book

Ever read the financial headlines and find yourself nodding along, unsure of what is really being said? What do these terms even mean, and shouldn’t I already know this? You’re not alone! In Why Does The Stock Market Go Up, Feroldi breaks down these basic topics:

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Investing Basics

Break down the basics of investing

Financial Systems

Learn how the financial system currently
works to help inform your decisions

Plan for the Future

Make intelligent decisions about retirement savings and investments.

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Join the list and send Brian your questions on the stock market and the basics of investing. He will answer them in his book or on air during the book launch podcast episode with Brad and Jonathan.  You’ll also be able to vote on the cover design and get updates on the book. As an added bonus Brian is sharing a copy of his exact checklist he uses every month to evaluate individual stocks

About the Author

Brian Feroldi is an educator, financial coach, podcaster, speaker, writer, and now an author — which is ironic because he is terrible at spelling and grammar. Weep for his editors.

Brian’s mission is “to spread financial wellness.” He does so by writing articles for The Motley Fool, appearing on podcasts and live streams, and through a newsletter called Long Term Mindset. He loves to connect with other investors online, especially on and Twitter.

Brian has called Rhode Island home for most of his life and has been happily married for more than 15 years. He has three children who bring him tremendous joy and keep him on his toes.

Brian’s favorite things to do are hang out with friends and family, watch his kids play sports, play games, listen to podcasts, dominate at trivia, chat around campfires, and volunteer in his community.

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