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Rebel Book Club With Laura Poole

Can a book change your life? Or maybe it is what you do after reading the book that actually changhes your life? Join Laura Poole, coach, graphic designer, and leader of the Rebel Book club as she discusses with Alan self-development books that have changed our lives, how to read, audio versus text, and hacks to implementing the books you have read. There is no point reading a book if you don’t do anything about it afterwards!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: What’s Your Vision

Do you ever feel lost with your business? As though you are going through the motions but you have lost the focus and drive? Building a business is a process and sometimes along the journey we get lost, distracted, and burnt out. In this episode Alan guides Christina through reconnecting with her vision, measuring progress, and working out who she needs to become to run the business of her dreams.

Time Traveling Entrepreneurship Part Two with William Wadsworth

Thanks for hanging around during our brief layover everyone! Now for the current leg of our journey, Alan and William talk about the logistics behind launching William’s app experiment! We thank you again for flying on the maiden voyage of Rebel Time Airways we hope you got some value from multiple years of William’s entrepreneurial journey!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Ultimate Self Coaching Toolkit with Simon Paine

After ten years of running Rebel Business School courses, and coaching some 20,000 people to get started, how do Alan and Simon actually help people when they’re stuck? What are the questions they ask and how do they help people make progress? How do they help people find ‘home’ and become centred with their business. This is the episode to come back to every time you feel lost with your business. This episode delivers the actual process they use that can help you and the people you care about!

Time Traveling Entrepreneurship Part One with William Wadsworth

Have you ever wondered what your business will look like a month from now? What about a year from now? Well your in luck! In this episode, Alan sits down with William Wadsworth from Exam Study Expert while he is in two different stages of building his business! The first half of the show takes place in October 2020 when William’s business is in its infancy, and the second part of the show takes place over a year later! Please listen to your captain, relax in your seat, and enjoy a year’s worth of progress in just 67 minutes! Stick around for part two next Monday!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Jungle Coaching With Simon Paine

What have we learned from the first five series of the Rebel Coaching episodes? What are the common barriers that prevent people making progress? In this experimental episode, Alan and Simon walk through the Colombian coffee plantations in the Andes mountains and explore the differences and commonalities between each of the entrepreneurs and how you can apply these lessons to your business.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Your Online Universe

How do you get customers to come to you? In this episode Henry, Alan, and Christina work through SEO, getting your website to show up, and bringing customers that are already searching for your services to your business. What is the centre of your online universe for your business? Is it your website? Your YouTube channel? How do you optimize that for SEO and get people to contact you asking for your service or product. Find out if Christina’s Google My Business Profile has risen up the ranks and what she needs to do next to improve her SEO easily.

Finding An Entrepreneurial Mentor With Michael Redford

Mentors, energy, and a can do attitude. In this episode of the podcast, Micheal Redford is back! Michael’s first appeared on the show was in, “The Failed Mini-Experiment,” when he told us all about his first dive into business. This week’s episode is about going back to the beginning, exploring the mentality of a successful entrepreneur, whether you ever really stop learning, and what happens when the mentee, becomes the mentor.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Weekly Check-In

You are working hard on your business. You are making things happen while you run from task to task to task. Do you ever take a moment to reflect on how it is going? Where are we? What is working and what isn’t? One of the most important things you can do with your business is check in on the progress, ask what is and isn’t working, and then focus on accelerating the positives and not just fixing the negatives! In this episode, Alan and Christina explore business reflection and taking action to build the business of your dreams. Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process full of action.

Frustrated Follow-Ups

ents? The process of getting clients can be infuriating to say the least. Patrick the podcast manager has been looking for new clients and more work over the last few weeks, and after a frustrating week reached out to Alan for support. Join Patrick and Alan as they talk about how to overcome objections, break through the noise, and uncover work that you didn’t even know existed!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Creating Energy

We all have the same number of hours in a day. Time is one of the most important non-renewable resources we all have. However, some people get so much more done with their time than others, and I believe the difference is energy! How much juice, energy, and passion do you have to put into your hours? Do you flop on the sofa or couch devoid of energy at the end of the day? This episode is all about what sucks the energy out of you and what gives you energy and builds you up!