013 | The Unfair (FI) Advantage Of Teachers | 457b

The Unfair (FI) Advantage Of Teachers | 457b

Millionaire Educator Shares the Secrets of the 457b Our guest: Millionaire Educator shows us how to invest your money. He shows how teachers, firefighters, police officers and public employees can leverage the power of pretax savings to supercharge their retirement , and become millionaires. Take this information to learn how to invest your money and retires decades before your peers Ed’s journey from a college basketball player to a Spanish teacher Graduate … Read more

012R | Introducing the Friday Roundup

012R _ Introducing the Friday Roundup

Introducing the Friday Roundup a crowd sourced community feedback based show Our first Friday Roundup Highlights from Frugalwoods episode Frugality is not about deprivation Freedom is the goal of financial independence Different perspectives: Brad the naturally frugal and Jonathan the ‘reluctant frugalist’ Your life is so much less stressful with money in the bank Email from Isaac: How have others responded to you being “openly FIRE” in your real life? … Read more

012 | Living Frugal Frugalwoods | Save 75% Of Your Take Home Pay

The Ultimate Guide to frugal living (ChooseFI cohost with Frugalwoods)

Living Frugal is a Powerful FI Tool Liz from Frugalwoods coaches us through the ultimate guide to frugal living The benefits of minimalism and living frugal Frugalwoods family saving 70%+ of their income Their conscious decision in March 2014 to pursue financial independence Entirely possible to pursue living frugal anywhere including large metro cities. In fact these cities may have built in advantages like transportation What is the difference between someone who saves … Read more

011 | Welcome To The Hot seat

Best Financial Independence Podcast

  Jonathan and Brad introduce a new segment called… “The Hotseat” then answer the questions ourselves Future guests and how our interviews will be different than other podcasts Introduction to the “hot seat” What’s your favorite blog that you’re currently reading? What is your favorite article of all time Favorite Life Hack Biggest financial mistake What advice would you give to your younger self? Related: Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s … Read more

010 | Skinny Waist, Fat Wallet (How To Lose 30 Lbs In 3 months)

How to lose 30 lbs in 3 months on a budget

Why do we make weight loss and fitness so complicated and expensive? Jonathan and Brad cut through the noise and share their strategies to stay lean and fit on a budget Fitness and nutrition from a financial independence mindset Jonathan’s quest to lose 30 pounds in the 3 months leading up to his son’s birth JD Roth’s talk at the Camp Mustache event to create a personal mission statement Jonathan’s … Read more

009 | Travel Rewards: How To Travel The World For Free (The Easy Way)

This is the Ultimate Guide to Travel the World for Nearly Free If you really want to maximize your travel rewards check out ChooseFI’s free travel rewards course. Why Jonathan started with travel rewards: Wife’s family in Zimbabwe: $6,000 in flights every two years What is this travel rewards strategy all about? Minimum spending requirement defined Options to meet minimum spending requirement Return on investment: instead of 1.5% rewards, you … Read more

008 | Avoid Bank Fees at All Cost

how to avoid bank fees

  Bank Fees and fees generally are the financial equivalent of death by a thousand cuts. AVOID THEM – Here’s how Don’t piss off the accountant: Bank Fees Americans spent $32 Billion in overdraft fees in 2016 Bank accounts and credit cards should be financial tools you use for free Overdraft fees mean you have no money and the bank is loaning you money for $35 at a time If … Read more

007 | America’s Food Obsession | How to Crush Your Grocery Bill

America's Food Obsession | How to Crush Your Grocery Bill

Why you need to take a hard look at your Grocery Bill, and Restaurant Budget and how to to crush it America’s food obsession: We’re fat and broke How Brad’s family saves money on food Being smart with ingredients. Buy in season How often does Brad’s family go out to eat? Go out for lunch instead of dinner Emergency meals in extra freezer Being efficient shopping at one store. Cut … Read more

006 | The Power Of Partnerships | ChooseFI Origin Story

Find a Partner and Start a Business

We share the origin story of ChooseFI. The how and why we decided to partner on this The Power of Partnerships How Brad and Jonathan met Our decision to partner up on Choose FI The importance of taking action The value of personal relationships in an online world What to look for in a partner Complementary skills and how it can help beat the learning curve How to find a … Read more

005 | Why Everyone Needs Dave Ramsey and Why You Should Ignore Him

Why Everyone Needs Dave Ramsey and Why You Should Ignore Him

We discuss where ChooseFI and Dave Ramsey agree and disagree. Dave Ramsey and Jonathan’s history following him Dave’s unyielding stance on debt: don’t do it Review and evaluate Dave’s teaching philosophies Baby Step 1: Get an emergency fund of $1,000 Baby Step 2: Pay off all your debt except for your mortgage Explanation of the Debt Snowball Our hybrid approach to the Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche Advice isn’t “one … Read more