020 | Entry Level Middle Class Lifestyle | Intro to Insurance

020-Entry Level Middle Class

The Entry Level Middle Class Lifestyle is a tool that you can use to supercharge your path to FI. Jonathan and Brad go through their expenses one line item at a time. Then they start the conversation about a FI approach to insurance, with an emphasis on life insurance In Today’s Podcast we cover: What Jonathan and Brad’s lifestyle and budget look like. We go in-depth into our actual spending … Read more

019R | Index Investing | How to buy VTSAX


In our Friday roundup Jonathan and Brad discuss the highlights and takeaways from the Monday episode with JL Collins. Then the podcast is opened up and crowd sourced to the community. Find out the specific travel reward perks that are available for active duty military and how to get started with VTSAX if you don’t have $10,000 to invest Review of podcast with Jim Collins Jonathan’s baby was born! And … Read more

019 | JL Collins from jlcollinsnh | The Stock Series | Part 1

JL Collins The stock series

In Today’s Podcast JL collins from jlcollinsnh joins Jonathan & Brad on the podcast to bring the Stock Series to life. The Power of Index Investing is one of life’s greatest secrets & JL Collins is the ultimate travel guide. This multi part series turns the stock series into an interactive audio companion and this first part is sure to compel you to stick around for each additional entry The … Read more

018R | Capital Gains Harvesting | Never Pay Taxes Again

Harvest long term capital gains tax free

In Today’s Podcast we cover how to harvest long term capital gains tax free. Friday Roundup 7 Review of Monday’s episode with Jeremy from Go Curry Cracker Brad and his family just visited Washington DC for the weekend and used Chase Ultimate Rewards points to stay at the Hyatt Place National Mall Brad’s trip to Walt Disney World with his family, parents and in-laws Jonathan now understands harvesting capital gains … Read more

018 | Go Curry Cracker | Capital Gains, Losses and The Roth Conversion Ladder

Capital Gains & Losses

Introducing Capital Gains Harvesting In Today’s Podcast we cover: Our guest: Jeremy from Go Curry Cracker Jeremy and Winnie are living the geo-arbitrage life: currently in Taipei, Taiwan and then on to a four month trip to Europe They are using travel rewards points to get nearly free business class flights from Taipei to Europe. Using Alaska Airlines miles on Cathay Pacific they got nearly 20 cents per point in … Read more

017R | The Roth IRA Conversion Ladder | A Case Study

The Roth Conversion Ladder… Let’s talk about what it looks like in a real world example In Today’s Podcast we cover: This is our 23rd episode and providing a home for the FIRE community Thank you for our 50th review on Itunes (from Chad Carson!) – we plan to implement the voicemail feature on the website so we can use your input on the show Episode with Brandon from the … Read more

017 | Mad Fientist an Origin Story

Introducing the Roth Conversion Ladder In Today’s Podcast we cover: Today’s guest: Brandon from MadFientist.com and the origin story of the Mad Fientist How did the Mad Fientist website come about? He first stumbled on the Early Retirement Extreme website He thought there’d be investing strategies to get him to financial independence more quickly, but he realized index funds were the best way to go about it Then he stumbled … Read more

016R | Friends of the Library

016R _ Friends of the Library

Do you utilize the most powerful source of free knowledge and entertainment in your community? We Do!! In Today’s Podcast we cover: Friday Roundup #5 Recap of house hacking episode with Chad Carson from CoachCarson.com Real estate investing is one of the pillars of Financial Independence ‘Keep it super simple and try to do the fundamentals well’ quote by Chad Chad put in the extra effort to walk neighborhoods on … Read more

016 | House Hacking With Coach Carson

House Hacking with Coach Carson

Have you heard of House Hacking? Break the game with this powerful lever In Today’s Podcast we cover: Real estate investing and house hacking with Chad “Coach” Carson. On the path to financial independence, how much of your own budget is going towards housing? After Chad graduated college at Clemson, he got started with real estate investing in his college town. How financial independence and real estate investing have allowed … Read more

015R | The ‘Joneses’ Are Bankrupt

015R _ The Jones are Bankrupt (1)

Why are you spending so much effort keeping up with the Jone’s? They Are Bankrupt!! How much we appreciate our listeners and the feedback and comments we’re receiving Recap of guest appearance of Justin from Root of Good Justin is living a relaxing and chill life set for himself in early retirement. This is what FIRE is all about! It was only a 10 year journey for him to make … Read more