017 | Mad Fientist an Origin Story

Introducing the Roth Conversion Ladder In Today’s Podcast we cover: Today’s guest: Brandon from MadFientist.com and the origin story of the Mad Fientist How did the Mad Fientist website come about? He first stumbled on the Early Retirement Extreme website He thought there’d be investing strategies to get him to financial independence more quickly, but he realized index funds were the best way to go about it Then he stumbled … Read more

016R | Friends of the Library

016R _ Friends of the Library

Do you utilize the most powerful source of free knowledge and entertainment in your community? We Do!! In Today’s Podcast we cover: Friday Roundup #5 Recap of house hacking episode with Chad Carson from CoachCarson.com Real estate investing is one of the pillars of Financial Independence ‘Keep it super simple and try to do the fundamentals well’ quote by Chad Chad put in the extra effort to walk neighborhoods on … Read more

016 | House Hacking With Coach Carson

House Hacking with Coach Carson

Have you heard of House Hacking? Break the game with this powerful lever In Today’s Podcast we cover: Real estate investing and house hacking with Chad “Coach” Carson. On the path to financial independence, how much of your own budget is going towards housing? After Chad graduated college at Clemson, he got started with real estate investing in his college town. How financial independence and real estate investing have allowed … Read more

015R | The ‘Joneses’ Are Bankrupt

015R _ The Jones are Bankrupt (1)

Why are you spending so much effort keeping up with the Jone’s? They Are Bankrupt!! How much we appreciate our listeners and the feedback and comments we’re receiving Recap of guest appearance of Justin from Root of Good Justin is living a relaxing and chill life set for himself in early retirement. This is what FIRE is all about! It was only a 10 year journey for him to make … Read more

015 | Root Of Good | 2nd Generation FIRE And College

2nd Generation FIRE

Let’s talk about 2nd Generation FI. What changes when you are raising kids after hitting FI yourself or on the path to FI? How do we do college smartly? In Today’s Podcast we cover: Our guest: Justin from Root of Good Justin had access to 401k and the 457 retirement plans 457 plan is an extremely valuable took for early retirement as there is no 10% early withdrawal penalty Justin’s … Read more

014R | Introducing Frugal Win Of The Week (FWOTW)

Let’s celebrate the Odometer with 100,000 miles In Today’s Podcast we cover: Highlights from the guest episode with Carl from 1500 Days Could you reach financial independence with a 10 to 15 year timeline? Jonathan’s timeline is much shorter than 10 to 15 years The mechanics of FI are easy, but we discussed the larger questions in this podcast about happiness and what life is all about It isn’t about … Read more

014 | The Phases Of FI With 1500 Days

1500 Days

The Phases of FI with 1500 Days (Mr 1500) Our Guest: Carl from 1500 Days The Phases of Financial Independence Close-knit community at Fincon and FI generally, Its amazing how much you have in common with somebody when you share a philosophy about money What is your philosophy about money? It isn’t about money – it’s a tool to a better life The goal of his site 1500 Days to … Read more

013R | Control Your Tax Rate | Keep the Money on Your Side of the Ledger

  Let’s discuss a practical example of how to control your tax rate Highlights from the Millionaire Educator Episode The benefits for teachers and public employees: 403(b) and 457 How the Millionaire Educator controlled his tax liability down to almost $0 The benefits of keeping your expenses below $30,000 per year Jonathan “crushing” his tax bill in 2017 Bryan’s question about the “Separation of Service” clause and moving to Vanguard … Read more

013 | The Unfair (FI) Advantage Of Teachers | 457b


Millionaire Educator Shares the Secrets of the 457b Our guest: Millionaire Educator shows us how to invest your money. He shows how teachers, firefighters, police officers and public employees can leverage the power of pretax savings to supercharge their retirement , and become millionaires. Take this information to learn how to invest your money and retires decades before your peers Ed’s journey from a college basketball player to a Spanish teacher Graduate … Read more

012R | Introducing the Friday Roundup

012R _ Introducing the Friday Roundup

Introducing the Friday Roundup a crowd sourced community feedback based show Our first Friday Roundup Highlights from Frugalwoods episode Frugality is not about deprivation Freedom is the goal of financial independence Different perspectives: Brad the naturally frugal and Jonathan the ‘reluctant frugalist’ Your life is so much less stressful with money in the bank Email from Isaac: How have others responded to you being “openly FIRE” in your real life? … Read more