152R | Can I Retire Yet?

152R | Can I Retire Yet

Big ERN comes on the show today to break down the numbers of Becky’s retirement plan. He works through their real numbers to determine how solid their retirement plan is. Taking Stock A lot of retirees have this fear of touching their principal and part of it is justified. But there is also part of it that is unjustified, right, because unless you have a constraint that you have to … Read more

152 | Is It Too Late? | Becky Heptig

152 | Is it too late? | Becky Heptig

Becky Heptig shares her personal story to show that FI is an attainable goal at any age. It is an encouraging story because it shows no matter what age you find FI, it is not too late to change your life for the better. Watch the episode on ChooseFI TV:   Becky’s Story Growing up, neither Becky or her husband had a lot of extras. Although all of their needs … Read more

151R | Fit Waist Fat Wallet

151R | Fit Waist Fat Wallet

Using David Hauser’s framework from last week of decision making through split testing, Brad and Jonathan look at their sleep, fitness, and diet. Split Testing Split testing allows you to test small differences to determine what can make a big impact. Little input differences or little changes in wording can make an enormous difference in your actual results. For example, if you were split testing a website design, then you … Read more

151 | Unstoppable Decision Making | Creating A Framework For Decision Making With David Hauser

151 | Unstoppable | Creating A Framework For Decision Making With David Hauser

As a successful start-up founder, David Hauser felt mercilessly driven to create success through extreme measures. He joins us to talk about his drive to succeed and how he has applied an experimentation framework to his health and wellness. David’s Story In grade school, David realized that he had a learning disability. This realization lead to the fruition of two skills. First, his drive to succeed was developed at an … Read more

150R | Goals vs Systems

150R | Goals vs Systems

Building your blueprint to FI starts with the basics. A simple thing like tracking your spending can set you on a path that will change your life forever. Today, we get back to FI 101 and uncover the stark difference between goals and systems. What Will Life After FI Look Like For You? As you approach your goal of FI, you may start to daydream about your newfound freedom. The … Read more

150 | Accountability | Diania Merriam


Diania Merriam discusses accountability, shifting perspectives, and community. She has a great perspective on building community and life with balance. Diania’s Money Story At an early point in Diania’s life, she aspired to be the highest-paid female CEO. Since then, she has realized this is no longer her goal. It was a reflection of her belief that status was critically important. You just kinda feel like you’ll figure it out … Read more

149R | Whole Life Insurance

149R | Whole Life Insurance

Jonathan digs deep comparing whole life insurance and term insurance. Laura gets over $130 of clothes from Old Navy for 80 cents! How Laura Broke Old Navy According to Brad, this may be Laura’s best shopping experience of all time. She only paid 80 cents for goods that would normally cost $132.92! The girls and Laura have eight new activewear items to add to their wardrobe for the price tag … Read more

149 | On Trajectory With Tyson Koska

tyson on trajectory

Tyson Koska shares his On Trajectory tool and what led him to his own path of Financial Independence. They discuss how Tyson got started with FI and how On Trajectory tools cover net worth tracking and digital options. Tyson’s Story Brad and Jonathan had heard about Tyson from many members in the FI community. His tool, On Trajectory, is a comprehensive way to digitally track your net worth. He had … Read more

148R | FI 101| Expense Ratios and House Hacking

FI 101 Expense Ratios and House Hacking

House hacking, takeaways from this week’s episode with Andréa Motenko, and the tenents of FI. ChooseFI: Your Blueprint To Financial Independence Our book, ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence, launched this week. The plan has taken all of the information from our podcasts and turned it into a linear path to FI. Overall, the book aims to keep the tenents of FI at its core. FI 101 Topic Of The Week: Expense … Read more

148 | Struggle | The Psychology Of Poverty With Andréa Motenko

Andréa Motenko grew up with food and housing insecurity. She’s on the show discussing the psychology of poverty and how it allows us to be resilient and push forward through adversity. Andréa has committed her life to social studies and taking FI information to people experiencing poverty. Andréa’s Position Andréa is uniquely positioned to bring information to people in poverty because she grew up in a similar situation. She is … Read more