110 | A Millionaire Next Door Case Study | Rocky Lalvani

110 | A Millionaire Next Door Case Study | Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani, blogger at Richer Soul, shares his story of growing up as an immigrant’s child, learning how to save money in his early years, and how he’s teaching his own children about finances now. Rocky’s parents came to the U.S. in 1968, when Rocky was 2 years old. Among Rocky’s parents’ friends and their community, money was an open topic, and in pursuit of the “American Dream” his family … Read more

109R | “Bear” Perspective

109r bear perspective

Big ERN from Early Retirement Now joins the show to talk about the current market climate: How is it impacting investors, who could benefit, and what markers he uses to evaluate its actual condition? We also share a voicemail from Abby, who provides a few more helpful hints for teaching abroad. Topics from the show: Brad maxed out his HSA for 2019, and talks about how he’s prioritizing fitness. Easy … Read more

109 | Exploring International Teaching Opportunities | Scott & Rob

109 | Exploring International Teaching Opportunities | Scott & Rob

Scott, a math teacher in Santiago, Chile, and Rob, a blogger at Getting Canned, share their experiences teaching abroad, including the financial and lifestyle benefits, and the how-to for making it happen. Scott Barrett, Brad’s brother, completed a bachelor’s in psychology, then earned his masters for free through the New York City Teaching Fellows program, then taught for three years in the city. When Scott finished his education, he had … Read more

108R | How to Calculate Your Savings Rate

108R | How to Calculate Your Savings Rate

Brad and Jonathan talk through the various methods of calculating a yearly savings rate and the numbers necessary to do so, and review Monday’s episode about setting up special needs accounts. Jonathan is back from 20 days with family in Zimbabwe, and Brad recaps his Christmas vacation. Brad and his family added 12 board games to their collection. William, from Monday’s episode, set out a road map for people who … Read more

108 | Setting up a Special Needs Trust

108 special needs trust

William McVey, ChooseFI’s Chief Technology Officer, walks through investment options available to meet the financial demands of special needs children and the strategies he’s used to prepare for his children’s future. Although he is financially independent now, William didn’t put much thought into finances until 2014, after his wife passed away. William was motivated to learn more about managing his own finances when he realized how much money he was … Read more

107R | The One Thing 2018 | End of Year Episode

107R | The One Thing 2018

A year-end episode featuring voicemails and messages from the ChooseFI community sharing successes, progress, exciting discoveries, and hopes for next year of our journey toward financial independence. Jonathan shares how he’s used a combination of apps to track his per-meal costs and macros. Paprika MyFitnessPal Wegman’s App Front-load the work and then enjoy the benefits. Craig, from Monday’s episode, is an extreme optimizer. It’s always better to make decisions from … Read more

107 | Entrepreneur Case Study | Craig Attkinson | GreenSide Up Landscaping

107 | Entrepreneur Case Study | Craig Attkinson | GreenSide Up Landscaping

  Craig Attkinson, owner and founder of Green Side Up, a landscaping company in Richmond, Va., explains how he started his business in his mid-20s, what it took to grow and optimize the business, and how he’s optimized other aspects of his life as well. Craig started out his career on a golf course, with a degree from Virginia Tech in turf grass and horticulture. Green Side Up started in … Read more

106R | Agency

106R agency

A series of suggestions and questions from the ChooseFI community, including HSA funds, capital gains distributions, and Traditional versus Roth IRAs, and follow up from Monday’s episode with Deanna. What we cover in this episode: • Jonathan raves about battery-powered chain saws, and a great bonding experience with his dad. • Brad’s in-laws enjoy helping Brad’s family with landscaping and gardening. • Pursuing financial independence gives Jonathan the opportunity to … Read more

106 | From Addiction to FI | Ms. Fiology

From Addiction to FI

Deanna, blogger at msfiology.com, shares her journey from drug and alcohol addiction to recovery, paying off six-figures of personal debt, and getting started on her path toward financial independence. She also wrote an article for ChooseFI detailing her journey. Deanna started looking for security in drugs and alcohol in her teens, becoming a high-functioning addict for more than a decade. After getting sober, Deanna spent time discovering how and why … Read more

105R | Solar Panel Cost Analysis

105R Solar Panel Cost Analysis

Brian Feroldi joins the show to talk about the costs and benefits of installing solar panels and answers questions about his investment strategies, and Brad and Jonathan recap Monday’s episode with Paula Pant before announcing a new ChooseFI project on the horizon. Jonathan reports a travel-rewards win as his family gets ready to travel for the last half of December. If you want to learn something, you have to ask … Read more