118R | What Is Socially Responsible Investing

118R | Socially Responsible Investing

Jonathan and Brad discuss talent stacking, becoming a renaissance man, and financial infidelity. Talent Stacking Whether you know this or not, our very own Jonathan is an ultimate talent stacker. Although he has always been a talent stacker at heart, he has not had the time to develop such a wide skill set until recently. Remember, just two years ago, Jonathan was a pharmacist with hours that did not really … Read more

118 | From Financial Infidelity To His & Her Money

his and her money talaat mcneely

Talaat McNeely from His and Her Money talks about how his money mistakes led to financial infidelity. Most importantly, he shares how he was able to rebuild trust with his wife Tai and successfully work towards common financial goals together. Through Talaat and Tai’s story, you will learn practical ways to build the financial trust that many couples hope to achieve. Financial Infidelity Before Talaat proposed to Tai, he described … Read more

117R | Creating Your Dream Job

Build a portfolio

Brad and Jonathan discuss “the Kleenex” of low-cost mutual funds, Bradley’s story about choosing to move towards part-time work, and make an announcement about a new voice on the podcast. BBC Shout Out Brad became a BBC superstar this week with a short video that has already been viewed over 2 million times. In fact, it was the most watched video on the BBC website for three days! The video … Read more

117| Making The Case For Part Time With Bradley Rice

Reclaiming Your Time with Bradley Rice

Bradley has successfully reclaimed the hours in his day by transitioning to part-time work. He made this unconventional choice to take back his time when his daughter was born to spend more time with her. He works 20 hours a week, while still earning a high salary. Bradley openly talks about the path that allowed him to reclaim his time and how you can recreate a similar journey. We All … Read more

116R | Escape

116R Escape

Karen Hoxmeier joins the show to share how and why she built a coupon-sharing website, Brad and Jonathan talk about optimizing food, taxes and home insurance, and a review of Monday’s episode with Wendy Mays. Brad and Jonathan are excited about a chicken shawarma recipe they hope Laura will add to the ChooseFI Vault soon. Wendy, from Monday’s episode, tackled her family’s grocery bill when she started pursuing financial independence. … Read more

116 | Adoption, FFLC & the House of FI | Wendy Mays

116 | Adoption, FFLC & the House of FI | Wendy Mays

Wendy Mays, from House of FI, tells the story of growing her family from 4 to 8 through adoption all while moving states and changing careers, and ultimately kickstarting her family’s pursuit of financial independence. Wendy and her family first learned about financial independence about 4 years ago. Wendy was commuting from Phoenix, Az., to San Diego, Ca., as her husband was living in California in pursuit of a new … Read more

115R | How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

A how-to conversation about strategies for tackling consumer debt, a review of Monday’s episode with Bonnie Traux, and a few updates about the ChooseFI community. Brad’s wife no longer working as a CPA – although she was technically laid off, she’s excited for the extra time in her schedule. Being at FI gave Laura the ability to be happy for her previous employer and move on with a smile. Bonnie … Read more

115 | Poverty, Divorce and FI by 43 | Bonnie Truax


Bonnie Truax, a blogger and early retiree, shares her story of growing up below the poverty line, scraping her way out of inherited debt, reaching financial independence without knowing what it was, and understanding how to talk about money with your spouse. Bonnie grew up with family income that was technically half of the poverty level, but always debt free. In a town of only 35 people, W2 jobs were … Read more

114R | Fine Tuning the College Equation | PSAT and National Merit Scholarship

114R | Fine Tuning the College Equation

Brian Eufinger returns to fill the gaps and address questions from the community about PSATs and National Merit Scholars, Brad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of creating a college-hacking strategy early, and the ChooseFI community responds to Monday’s episode. Financial independence is generally about knowing the rules and making decisions according to what you value in life. Many colleges use an equation to award merit aid –> a specific GPA … Read more

114 | Demystify College Scholarships | Brian Eufinger | Edison Prep

114.How to get College Scholarships

Brian Eufinger, co-founder of Edison Prep, dives deep into the college admissions process. He explains how students should approach grades and test scores to give themselves the best college options. Brian and Silvia Eufinger run a two-person ACT tutoring company in Georgia called Edison Prep. They both do this full time and between the two of them have tutored about 13,000 students, giving them over 40,000 hours of tutoring experience. … Read more