105R | Solar Panel Cost Analysis

105R Solar Panel Cost Analysis

Brian Feroldi joins the show to talk about the costs and benefits of installing solar panels and answers questions about his investment strategies, and Brad and Jonathan recap Monday’s episode with Paula Pant before announcing a new ChooseFI project on the horizon. Jonathan reports a travel-rewards win as his family gets ready to travel for the last half of December. If you want to learn something, you have to ask … Read more

104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

An update from Marla Taner on 2018’s best travel reward options, a hack for keeping your bills low, a review of Monday’s episode with Doc G. Jonathan tries out a new service to ensure that his bills are staying low. Billfixers.com says they will call your service providers for you and negotiate lower rates. You pay them 1/2 of what they save you the first year. Jonathan will report back how it … Read more

103R | The Apprentice

103R | The Apprentice

Captain DIY returns to recommend some accessible projects for the beginning DIYer, Jonathan highlights two recipe and meal organization apps, and several messages from the ChooseFI community. Brad made the best of Black Friday and his local community to pick up a ping pong table for his family. ChooseFI community member Olga recommends the Paprika app, which is helping Jonathan to plan his recipes, groceries and track his calorie consumption. … Read more

102R | The Triple Tax Savings of Health Savings Account

102r triple tax savings

Brad and Jonathan explain the long-term tax benefits of using a Health Savings Account to pay for medical expenses, discuss the benefits of new index fund investing options, review Monday’s episode with Timika Downes. Brad and Jonathan are getting back to traditional health insurance, and excited about the Health Savings Account (HSA). Most companies offer health insurance options, typically including: Low monthly premium + high deductible High(er) monthly premium + … Read more

101R | Side Hustle Coaching Series Part 4

101R _Blog_ Side Hustle Coaching

Brad and Jonathan talk about their experiences with W2 jobs and building side hustles, Jose shares his own side hustle tip, and Alan and Tallis wrap up the 4-part Side Hustle Coaching Series. Brad and Jonathan are jumping into planned spontaneity. Do your actions align with your values? Brad recounts how the accounting firm he worked for right after college, one of the biggest in the U.S. at the time, … Read more

100R | Know the Rules

100R Know the Rules

Brad and Jonathan explain how simply knowing the rules can save you thousands on taxes and college financing, Brad talks through the IRA Conversion Ladder and Capital Gains Harvesting, and a few updates from the community. The financial independence movement is growing, and seeing a lot more press coverage. Messaging matters: The Wall Street Journal published one article with two different headlines. Pursuing financial independence isn’t about buying brown bananas, … Read more

099R | Market Fluctuations | Stick to Your Plan

099R Market Fluctuations

Brad and Jonathan review Monday’s episode about generous giving and resource stewardship, then catch up on voicemails and updates from the community about dental school, fall activity ideas, and the recent dip in the stock market. Jonathan recaps his recent family vacation and travel to FI Chautauqua Greece. Chautauqua was most importantly about community. Jonathan saved nearly $1,200 on a bill for his son’s broken leg just by asking for … Read more

098R | A Cautionary Tale in HyperDebt

098R A Cautionary Tale in Hyper Debt

An exciting conversation with Jared about his path to FI as a traveling physical therapist and his current 5-month trip abroad, as well as a voicemail about healthcare planning and a review of Monday’s episode. • Brad and Jonathan are releasing this episode while in Greece. • Brad talks about the challenges of buying foreign currencies before a trip abroad. • Travelers can open a Schwab Bank High Yield Investor … Read more

097R | The Good Dad Project

097R The Good Dad Project

A conversation with Larry Hagner from The Good Dad Project updating Brad on the recent financial changes he’s made in pursuit of more financial independence and his family’s budgeting strategies, as well as highlight’s from Monday’s episode from The White Coat Investor. Jonathan gives an update on his vegan experiment. Adopting a meatless diet was relatively easy, but going all-in vegan is more challenging. Dr. Dahle, from Monday’s episode, pioneered … Read more

096R | The Money Matriarch of the World & the Godfather of FI | Suze Orman & JLCollinsNH

Money Matriarch Suze Orman and Jim Collins NH

An in-depth conversation with JL Collins about a recent controversial interview given by Suze Orman, and clarification of what concepts are truly at the heart of the financial independence movement. Frugal wins of the week from Brad & Jonathan: garbage pickup and cell phone batteries. What questions did Dominick Q, from Monday’s episode, ask that were most impactful for Jonathan? Jonathan explains how he uses a planner at night to … Read more