149R | Whole Life Insurance

149R | Whole Life Insurance

Jonathan digs deep comparing whole life insurance and term insurance. Laura gets over $130 of clothes from Old Navy for 80 cents! How Laura Broke Old Navy According to Brad, this may be Laura’s best shopping experience of all time. She only paid 80 cents for goods that would normally cost $132.92! The girls and Laura have eight new activewear items to add to their wardrobe for the price tag … Read more

148R | FI 101| Expense Ratios and House Hacking

FI 101 Expense Ratios and House Hacking

House hacking, takeaways from this week’s episode with Andréa Motenko, and the tenents of FI. ChooseFI: Your Blueprint To Financial Independence Our book, ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence, launched this week. The plan has taken all of the information from our podcasts and turned it into a linear path to FI. Overall, the book aims to keep the tenents of FI at its core. FI 101 Topic Of The Week: Expense … Read more

147R | Contributions, Corrections And Criticisms

Contributions, Corrections And Criticisms

Compounding vs total return, envelopes vs simplifying your finances, and the potential value you could get from working with a “assets under management” financial advisor. Also, Tori Dunlap reached her goal to save her first $100k by age 25 on the day her interview aired! Compounding In the show today, Tori’s goal of saving $100,000 by 25 years old was celebrated. She has been able to set up a wealth … Read more

146R | Fork In The Road

146R | Fork in the Road

Brad and Jonathan discuss this week’s episode with Shannyn Allan, as well as talk to Chuck Jaffe and his thoughts about Financial Independence Retire Early. Brad and Jonathan also discuss skills versus a degree. Building Skills As a part of the path to FI, many decided to learn new skills along the way. These skills may seem disconnected but as you build a unique skill set you start to uncover … Read more

145R | Stuck


A discussion of what to do with a windfall, a review of turnkey real estate investing, and a meditation for stock market investors when the market is falling. Fincon In Main Stream News In last week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discussed their experience at Fincon. This week, Brad found two articles about Fincon in the mainstream news. One journalist felt that Fincon needed to be more political. J.D. Roth wrote … Read more

144R | Guard Rails and Dumpster Fires

A recap from Jonathan and Brad’s visit to FinCon, FI Military, YNAB, and “what if my finances are like a dumpster fire?” FinCon Recap Last week, Brad and Jonathan were at FinCon. Although it was originally intended to be a business to business conference, it has turned into an annual community event. At Brad’s first FinCon six years ago, there were just a dozen other self-identified FIRE community members, now … Read more

143R | Is This The Top?

Is This The Top?

A discussion of community and market volatility. NYC Playing With FIRE Premiere Brad just returned from a trip to Long Island to visit family. While he was there, he was able to attend the sold-out Playing with FIRE premiere in NYC. It was a great night full of community connections. As we always say, it’s not about us, it’s about them getting up off the couch and taking action. And … Read more

142R | Envelope Overwhelm

142R | Envelope Overwhelm

A discussion about simplifying personal finances as well as this week’s episode with Paula Pant’s take on real estate. Personal Finance Made Simple Although many spend hours each month dealing with bills, Brad has set up his personal finances on autopilot. With that, he only has to devote a total of 10 minutes a month to personal finance problems such as writing a check to pay a bill. Personal finances … Read more

141R | Translating FI For The UK

The UK Path to FI

David Sawyer comes back on to discuss the UK path to FI, and Jonathan makes a big personal announcement. Life Updates Jonathan and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Rees, into the world this month. She’s 7 pounds and 14 oz of joy! Brad and his family just returned from a 20 day trip to Maui. Brad was able to connect to members of the ChooseFI Maui group through … Read more

140R | The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

Brad and Jonathan dive into the costs of a financial advisor and college hacking. Financial Advisors Jonathan recently recorded an episode with Pete Matthews from Meaningful Money. Pete mentioned that he had been at a financial planning conference where they told the audience that financial advisors need to be prepared to talk to people about reaching Financial Independence. FI is a framework on life. That’s what people are looking for. … Read more