163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

163R | Roth IRA Conversion Ladder Case Study

An updated case study of the Roth IRA conversion ladder and a challenge for the community are some of the topics that Brad and Jonathan tackle. $1,000 Challenge Most personal finance advice starts with building your first $1,000 in savings. However, if you are struggling to get from paycheck to paycheck, you might feel like that isn’t an option for you. After all, if you have options, then you wouldn’t … Read more

162R | There’s Water In The Cup

There's Water In The Cup

Join Brad and Jonathan to discuss credit building, financial intimacy, and travel rewards. Family Life Both Brad and Jonathan had difficult weeks due to some medical issues in their families. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. But Brad is now waiting for a large hospital bill in the mail. That’s why we pursue FI, when catastrophic issues like this come up, we can weather the storm. After this healthcare scare, … Read more

161R | Reignite


The announcement of the new FI101 course! Plus a discussion of the power of community and the impact it can have on your finances. Everyday Courage Everyday Courage launched earlier this year. It is off to a great start! It is already in the top 200 in all podcasts and top 5 in the iTunes self-improvement category. Thank you to everyone that listened! If you haven’t listened, take a minute … Read more

160R | Everyday Courage

160R | Everyday Courage

Jillian joins Brad and Jonathan to share her story and celebrate the launch of the new podcast Everyday Courage. Everyday Courage The ChooseFI family is launching a new podcast today. Everyday Courage is officially live! Please take a moment to subscribe to this new podcast. Jillian wanted to create this podcast because living intentionally goes beyond hitting your FI number. Before Jillian and her family hit FI four years ago, … Read more

158R | Your Real Hourly Wage and Savings Rate Calculation

Your Real Hourly Wage Calculation

Savings Rate Calculator Looking for the savings rate calculator mentioned in this episode? Click here! Meal Planning Jonathan recently introduced Brad to a new dish, a sweet potato enchilada recipe. The meal is delicious and falls under the two dollars per person per meal guideline. This [has] never been about deprivation. It should not be about deprivation. It’s the fact you can do so much more for so much less … Read more

157R | The Compound Interest Of Self Improvement

157R | The Compound Interest Of Self Improvement

After learning more about habits with James Clear this week, Brad and Jonathan discuss the compounding interest of self-improvement and turning intention into action. Building Habits James Clear outlined the four stages of building habits in Monday’s episode. If you haven’t listened yet, then check out the full episode here. Exploring those steps allows you to either build good habits or break bad habits. As you explore your habits, you … Read more

156R | Coming Back From A Gap Year

Coming Back From A Gap Year

A gap year might seem unthinkable for some but Noah and Becky share exactly how they navigated their gap year. Plus, Brad and Jonathan discuss emergency funds and your risk tolerance. Grab Our Year-End Tax Checklist We created a tax checklist to help ensure that you are ready for tax time! Grab that here. Start With A Goal Earlier this week, Rob Berger joined the podcast to share his journey. … Read more

155R | Year End Tax Planning With Sean Mullaney

year end tax planning

Sean Mullaney joins the show to discuss year-end tax planning. He goes into deductions, self-employment income, and how to get the most from your deductions. Insights From Leslie Tayne In this week’s episode, Leslie has a very frank conversation with Brad and Jonathan about balancing family and money as a single parent. If you haven’t listened yet, you can find the full episode here. Leslie has overcome an abusive financial … Read more

154R | Inception


Tim and Amy from GoWithLess join Brad and Jonathan to discuss their unique travel strategy. Plus, tips on how to design your dream life. Build Your Dream Life Rethinking your current life and finding ways to create your dream life is an admirable goal. As you go through the different stages of your life, a dream life might change. However, you can always take steps to make your life more … Read more

153R | Navigating Health Insurance

153R | Navigating Health Insurance

Medical debt is a big financial burden for many people. Brad and Jonathan spoke with Craig and Jerry from RIP Medical Debt to find out more about their solution to this problem. If we can continue to foster these kinds of conversation, not only we win but also those around us, those in our zone of awareness, those whose lives we have some impact on, they also benefit. Check out … Read more