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Planting Seeds To Grow Your Tribe With Entrepreneur John Rampton

John Rampton, lifelong entrepreneur and CEO of, joins Jillian to talk about becoming the best in business by showing up for others. 

If anyone was a superstar at networking, it would be John. Watching his own father talk to everyone, even in the Costco checkout line, taught him that talking to people and networking are a natural part of life. 

“You don’t have to need something out of something … You don’t have to talk to someone for a purpose. It can be for both your enjoyment.” 

Learning to connect with people is a behavior that can be formed intentionally or unintentionally. At a young age, John learned that to be good in the business world, you have to talk to other people. So, when Jillian and John had a chance encounter at a conference, it is no surprise that the open and honest conversation they shared ended up being a highlight for them both.

John and Jillian believe that you have to courageously show up, even before you think you are ready. 

“I don’t feel we’re actually ready for almost anything in this world that’s put in front of us, but you do need to be willing to actually show up. And try and put your foot out there.”

John is a master at showing up, time and time again, to develop real relationships. He loves helping people and it is a driving focus in his life, not because of what he hopes to gain, but because he genuinely loves helping people and building true relationships.

“One in every ten people that I help will help me back… One in out of a hundred people that I help will turn into a financial relationship… One out of a thousand will turn into a multi-million dollar relationship.”

That might not look like a great return on investment. In the process of developing these relationships some will fall away, but what you are left with are authentic relationships with a  core group of people. These are the people that are helping you grow and drive your project or business forward, not just because they want to make money or be successful, but because they truly believe in you and your work.

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