Relationships and Money with Jillian Johnsrud | EP 300

Watch Listen Read Jillian Johnsrud Website: Podcast: Everyday Courage What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Money is one of the top three things people struggle to communicate with, falling right below sex and above our reasons and motivations for work. In her coaching practice, Jillian finds clients will be very open in one-on-one […]

What’s Stopping You from Reaching FI? | EP 299

Watch Listen Read What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show It’s ChooseFI’s first live radio show! Recorded live on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm Eastern using an app called Stereo, the live shows will be replayed as the Friday Roundup episode. The topic of this interactive live show is: “What is stopping you from reaching financial […]

From Pandemic Layoff to $100k+ | A Salesforce Success Story |EP 297

A Replicable Success Story with Anita Smith and Bradley Rice Watch Listen Read What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show If you are willing to look outside your comfort zone, grab good information, and take action on it, you can change your life in a matter of weeks or months. One of the hardest-hit industries […]

Emergency Fund for the Zombie Apocalypse | EP 295

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show This Friday’s episode continues with the theme of looking back at our perspective has changed since the show began. What has changed, have we pivoted, and what do we feel more confident about now than we did then? Last Friday Brad shared the saga of trying to find […]

From Corporate Muzzle to Invested Development | Amanda Holden The Dumpster Doggy | EP 294

Amanda Holden Website:  Invested Development Website: The Dumpster Dog Blog Instagram: Dumpster.doggy Email: [email protected] What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Amanda Holden’s approach to educating others includes laughter and shenanigans to democratize information and get it to stick. Amanda worked in corporate America at an investment management firm, but helping rich men get richer […]

Credit 101: The Ultimate Guide to Credit

Understanding what credit is, what it can do, how to responsibly use it, and how to optimize it is almost like a financial superpower. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to grow their depth of knowledge when it comes to credit and everything it touches in their lives. This Credit 101: Ultimate Guide to […]

GameStop: Squeezed to the Max | Brian Feroldi | EP 293

Brian Feroldi What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Wondering what happened with GameStop and confused about what a short squeeze is? The complexity of this kind of trading is far from the simple strategy of buy and hold investing. Even for those who have no plans to jump on bandwagon, it’s good to understand […]

Rebel Entrepreneur Season 2: No Debt StartUp From Your Passion

Sales come from two main places; people you know and people you don’t! What percentage of your time do you spend hunting for new business? What percentage of your time do you spend connecting with your network and speaking to existing clients? If you aren’t hunting and farming how do you expect to have customers? […]

The Complexity in Simplicity at M1 | Brian Barnes | EP 292

Brian Barnes, founder of M1 Finance Watch Listen Read Website:  M1 Finance What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show M1 Finance transformed Jonathan’s ideas about how simple complexity could be and has quickly become his favorite investing platform, especially for taxable accounts. Brian Barnes investing story begins at the age of 10 when his parents […]

If I Could Turn Back Time | EP 291

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show After four years of working on the ChooseFI podcast, Brad and Jonathan want to share their lessons learned, the list of things they might do differently, and highlight a few episodes to re-listen to. Brad is back in the studio after missing out on Episode 290 with Paul […]