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Networking with Jordan Harbinger | Ep 233

Jordan Harbinger

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • Have you ever felt like everyone else received the playbook on how to network and you’ve been left out? What skills do you really need to network like a true professional?
  • Jordan was first inspired to master the art of networking as a young intern at a Wall Street law firm. Most of the attorneys were working late at night and on weekends except for the partner who was bringing in a lot of business.
  • Searching for the kind of networking skills that could land multi-million dollar deals, he began to study the foundations of psychology, nonverbal communication, and body language.
  • Even those who appear to be naturally great at sales or networking likely just have many more years of experience, making it appear natural.
  • Not everyone has a ready-made network. The first step in establishing a network is to make a list of 10-15 people you wish you’d kept in touch with. Reach out to them merely to reconnect. Maintain relationships by continuing to reach out and catch up. Do not have an agenda or ask for favors.
  • Jordan uses the customer relationship management app, Contactually, to remind him when it’s time to touch base with specific people in his network. It helps him to stay in contact with more than 1000 people.
  • When trying to attract the attention of high-profile individuals to add to your network, find out what their personal interests are, and use it to stand out from the rest of the attention-seeking crowd.
  • Organizing high impact events such as trips, dinners, or even mini-golf. These can be much more effective than wasting time on low-level impact activities.
  • Attempting to meet with a speaker at a conference right after their talk is the absolute worst time to try. Instead, find them elsewhere and on your terms, such as in line for morning coffee. Strike up a conversation then.
  • Don’t focus on only the elite. Broaden your network with those at your level and even lower. Helping your network is often as simple and easy as introducing people to each other. You gain tremendous social capital.
  • When Jordan was pushed out of his previous company, his new podcast launched with a huge bang, thanks to the relationships he maintained and the large network he built over the previous 10 years.
  • When in a conflict, if you pay close attention to what motivates someone, you can manipulate them to act against their own best interest.

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