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Nicole Walters on Motherhood and 7 Figure Entrepreneur

Ten years ago, Nicole Walters was working a corporate job that she loved. Newly married, with a fresh mortgage and significant credit card debt, she thought she was living her best adult life. The years that followed, and the pivotal moments of life she encountered, would help her grow into a debt free entrepreneur with three kids, a multi million dollar business, and a truly magnificent life.

It is a life Nicole couldn’t have imagined. She grew up the poor daughter of African immigrants, but by listening to successful mentors, relying on her faith, and intentionally striving to be true to her purpose she found a better path. Even though she loved her corporate job, she always felt called to something more.

“Inspiring the individual, so that they can lend their best gifts to, not just their own businesses, but also the companies they work for that is my sweet spot. That is what brings me joy”

Every new venture is met with some element of fear, but instead of being deterred by fear, Nicole challenges us to embrace it on our journey.  

“Carry it with you rather than letting that fear carry you”

This bold mindset has helped carry Nicole throughout her personal journey towards parenthood and her professional career. Sharing candidly about the respective adoption of their children, Nicole and Jillian expand on how the challenges of navigating parenthood have imparted valuable wisdom when it comes to birthing a “business baby”.

Nicole is a wonderful communicator and teacher. To learn more about her, check out her course, Fierce Clarity

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