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When you’re not the most “experty expert” fear can creep in and stymie you. Jillian explains that when we doubt our value we miss out on experiences and relationships that are crucial to our personal and professional growth. In her experience, coaching creatives and other coaches, she has found that many of us feel like we need to be the best in our field before we can put ourselves out there.  

“If that were true, we would all be competing for the attention of this one person who holds all the answers”

The second myth that gets us stuck is the feeling that we aren’t unique enough. The reality is that there aren’t actually a lot of new ideas or untold stories. However, those ideas and stories have not been told or presented by your voice. The element of “us” that we bring to a project may resonate with someone in a profound way, even if it isn’t particularly original. 

We don’t always need the most “experty expert”. Jillian has found great benefit by hiring someone both ahead and behind her in their respective coaching journeys. It helps bring her two perspectives, one that is looking ahead with big picture goals and one that is fully engaged in the nitty gritty of the current processes.

No single person will have every answer and if we are doing it right, our passions and focuses will change with time. Some may have conquered the mountain you are trying to climb, but they did it 20 years ago. They could be considered an expert, but the person who is successfully climbing that same mountain in real time will likely be a better fit, not because they know everything, but because that is where they are focused and engaged. 

So, kick these myths to the curb by showing up honestly and wholeheartedly, believing that you will be a great fit for somebody!

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