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Rebel Entrepreneur Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of the Rebel Entrepreneur!


Rebel Book Club With Laura Poole

Can a book change your life? Or maybe it is what you do after reading the book that actually changhes your life? Join Laura Poole, coach, graphic designer, and leader of the Rebel Book club as she discusses with Alan self-development books that have changed our lives, how to read, audio versus text, and hacks to implementing the books you have read. There is no point reading a book if you don’t do anything about it afterwards!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: What’s Your Vision

Do you ever feel lost with your business? As though you are going through the motions but you have lost the focus and drive? Building a business is a process and sometimes along the journey we get lost, distracted, and burnt out. In this episode Alan guides Christina through reconnecting with her vision, measuring progress, and working out who she needs to become to run the business of her dreams.

Time Traveling Entrepreneurship Part Two with William Wadsworth

Thanks for hanging around during our brief layover everyone! Now for the current leg of our journey, Alan and William talk about the logistics behind launching William’s app experiment! We thank you again for flying on the maiden voyage of Rebel Time Airways we hope you got some value from multiple years of William’s entrepreneurial journey!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Ultimate Self Coaching Toolkit with Simon Paine

After ten years of running Rebel Business School courses, and coaching some 20,000 people to get started, how do Alan and Simon actually help people when they’re stuck? What are the questions they ask and how do they help people make progress? How do they help people find ‘home’ and become centred with their business. This is the episode to come back to every time you feel lost with your business. This episode delivers the actual process they use that can help you and the people you care about!

Time Traveling Entrepreneurship Part One with William Wadsworth

Have you ever wondered what your business will look like a month from now? What about a year from now? Well your in luck! In this episode, Alan sits down with William Wadsworth from Exam Study Expert while he is in two different stages of building his business! The first half of the show takes place in October 2020 when William’s business is in its infancy, and the second part of the show takes place over a year later! Please listen to your captain, relax in your seat, and enjoy a year’s worth of progress in just 67 minutes! Stick around for part two next Monday!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Jungle Coaching With Simon Paine

What have we learned from the first five series of the Rebel Coaching episodes? What are the common barriers that prevent people making progress? In this experimental episode, Alan and Simon walk through the Colombian coffee plantations in the Andes mountains and explore the differences and commonalities between each of the entrepreneurs and how you can apply these lessons to your business.

You Choose Your Life With Emma Cann

Did you choose the life you are living? Did you choose the work you do? Did you choose your beliefs and values? In this episode, Emma Cann takes over the podcast helm to ask questions about choices, goals, beliefs, and decisions. Come along for the ride as we discuss who creates your life and how to take charge of it.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Your Online Universe

How do you get customers to come to you? In this episode Henry, Alan, and Christina work through SEO, getting your website to show up, and bringing customers that are already searching for your services to your business. What is the centre of your online universe for your business? Is it your website? Your YouTube channel? How do you optimize that for SEO and get people to contact you asking for your service or product. Find out if Christina’s Google My Business Profile has risen up the ranks and what she needs to do next to improve her SEO easily.

Finding An Entrepreneurial Mentor With Michael Redford

Mentors, energy, and a can do attitude. In this episode of the podcast, Micheal Redford is back! Michael’s first appeared on the show was in, “The Failed Mini-Experiment,” when he told us all about his first dive into business. This week’s episode is about going back to the beginning, exploring the mentality of a successful entrepreneur, whether you ever really stop learning, and what happens when the mentee, becomes the mentor.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Weekly Check-In

You are working hard on your business. You are making things happen while you run from task to task to task. Do you ever take a moment to reflect on how it is going? Where are we? What is working and what isn’t? One of the most important things you can do with your business is check in on the progress, ask what is and isn’t working, and then focus on accelerating the positives and not just fixing the negatives! In this episode, Alan and Christina explore business reflection and taking action to build the business of your dreams. Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process full of action.

Frustrated Follow-Ups

ents? The process of getting clients can be infuriating to say the least. Patrick the podcast manager has been looking for new clients and more work over the last few weeks, and after a frustrating week reached out to Alan for support. Join Patrick and Alan as they talk about how to overcome objections, break through the noise, and uncover work that you didn’t even know existed!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Creating Energy

We all have the same number of hours in a day. Time is one of the most important non-renewable resources we all have. However, some people get so much more done with their time than others, and I believe the difference is energy! How much juice, energy, and passion do you have to put into your hours? Do you flop on the sofa or couch devoid of energy at the end of the day? This episode is all about what sucks the energy out of you and what gives you energy and builds you up!

The Biggest Gift Rebel Can Give You

Wondering what is going to happen to the Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast? In this show Alan speaks directly to you to give you an update on the show since the funding changed. He discusses your ideas for the podcast, gives you an update on the Donegan’s life, and then shares the biggest gift Rebel can give you. Stay tuned to the end for Alan’s closing remarks and our gift to you.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Your Business Digital Life

Is your website bringing you business? Are people finding you on google? Is your social media driving traffic and winning customers? When you are a solo-preneur you only have so much time and energy and you have to choose where to focus to create the most impact possible. In this episode Henry from Rebel Business School helps Christina think through her business Digital life and where to focus next.

Competition & How To Deal With Them With BC Kowalski

When you start your business you are probably going to have competition. There is probably going to be people that already do what you do. Some of this competition is going to react to your launch from a place of fear. They may attack you and your business, they may try and stop you. The question is not if this will happen, but how are you going to respond when it does?? In today’s episode BC Kowalski and Alan talk competition, strategies for dealing with it, and positivity.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Business Boundaries and Contracts

You’ve won your first client! YAY. Should you send them a contract? Do you need terms and conditions? In this episode Christina and Alan talk through contracts, why you need them, and what goes in them. Contracts are designed to facilitate clear communication, expectations, and trust, but somewhere along the way we have lost sight of the purpose of having a contract. Let’s make contracts fun.

Starting From Zero with Stephen Peyton

Who do you surround yourself with? How do you work with your partner? Business or otherwise? Who you spend most of your time with directly affects your beliefs, attitude, and therefor your actions. In this episode of Rebel Entreprenuer, Stephen Peyton is taking over and grilling Alan with questions about his key relationships, how he works with others, and his mental diet. Alan ends up talking about the voices in his head and we find out if he is actually mad or not?!?

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: LinkedIn Sales Strategy

How do you use LinkedIn to win business? Patrick Venn has a new strategy to share with us and Christina has offered to be the guinea pig! So let’s get testing. We run a marketing mini-experiment live on the show where Christina records her first video and sends it out! Test and measure. Listen along and we will show you the step by step guide to using LinkedIn to find sales leads.

Taming The Idea Beast with Stephen Lockyer

What do you do when you have too many ideas? How to you choose which idea to focus on? Are you telling me I have to pick one idea and stick with it for the rest of my life? In this Episode, Stephen Lockyer of Escapages takeovers the Rebel Entrepreneur podcast and asks Alan all about creativity, choosing ideas, running mini-experiments, and letting go of ideas when they don’t work.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Google My Business

How do people find your business? How do you get discovered? Google My Business is one of the most under utilized and powerful tools in an entrepreneurs arsenal. If you want to be found, get a pin on the map, develop your account, and work to promote your business. Let’s get you on Google My Business and started.

Starting At The Beginning With Sherry Zeisel

You have these HUGE ideas. You want to launch it but the sheer size scares you! How are you going to get it all done? How are you going to make it work? You’ve got kids and how do you fit this huge project around them? In this episode we refine the idea of the mini-experiment, we look at launching quickly, and making the best of the precious time you have. Join this week’s host Sherry Zeisel as she grills Alan on mini-experiments, marketing, and building a business around family responsibilities.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Developing Your Website

When you first launched your business you probably threw up a website. How long has it been since you updated it? Does it still reflect what you do, how you think of your business, and what your customers want? In this episode, the resident Rebel Website expert Henry Nicholson helps Christina to see her website with a fresh pair of eyes, work out what to do, and break it down into clear action steps. Tune in and work on your website alongside Christina and Henry.

Fire The Haters With Jillian Johnsrud

Do you get nervous on sales calls?  Do you ever doubt what you are putting out for sale? Do you feel nervous putting out content online, posting videos, and sending emails?  Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and the fear of haters stops so many of us from fully following our dreams. Join Jillian and Alan as they talk through strategies and the mindset for overcoming these problems and launching your entrepreneurial adventure.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Finding Balance

There is a transition that happens when you go from working for someone else (employee) to running your own business. Being your own boss is one of the most exciting things. However, it can also be one of the most challenging! Every single day you have to make up what you are going to do, there is no one their driving the agenda for you. You have to take charge, organize, plan, and stay focused. In this episode Alan and Christina talk through that transformation and some of the tools that you can use to stay focused, stay on track, and find balance in your daily life.

The Future of Rebel Entrepreneur

Have you had something big happen that threw you? Something that in a phone call or a moment changed everything? Well that happened this week for Alan and the Rebel Entrepreneur. Join Alan as he discusses where the podcast came from, what happened this week, and asks you want you want to change in the future of Rebel Entrepreneur, or if there even is one…

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Going All In

You’ve started a business, you’ve made some sales, and now it is time to go all in. When you first quit your job and go full time it can be quite daunting knowing where to put your energy, effort, and time. There is so much you could be doing, Instagram, Google, SEO, Cold marketing; where do you start? In this episode Christina and Alan explore where to focus in the first two weeks of being full time.

Why Haven’t You Launched?

Julia dreams of building a bike experience business; of taking tours of people along the beach front in her home town in Florida.  In this episode Alan looks to find out what is stopping her, what is getting in the way, and helps her to come up with the next action for her business.  If you are in pre-launch mode this episode will help you to think through the first steps and get you closer to launch!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Did He Burn The Boats?

Did Keith take the year long lease? Did he go all in despite losing money on the mini-experiment? Did his wife talk him out of doing it? In the last episode of Coaching Season 5 we find out what Keith decided and his plans from here. With a full time job, 7 kids and another one arriving imminently Keith has a huge amount to balance alongside his desire to be an entrepreneur and business owner!

Staying Consistent

Staying consistent doesn’t sound sexy does it? But it is one of the most important things in business. Have you ever struggled to follow through on your goals? Got excited for a month and worked hard and then wondered why you haven’t kept it up? Started a fitness regime and stopped after two weeks? This episode is for you! Alan guides you through haw process for getting excited and staying on track as you build the life of your dreams.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Is it Time to Go All In?

Is it time to go all in? Have you heard the expression burn the boats? The idea is that if you burn the boats you have no escape plan and you are “all in” and have to find a way to make it work or die. Sounds dramatic!! It is. Alan is not a big believer in the “burn the boats” strategy, but there are times in business where you are forced to make a binary or yes/no decision. This week we discuss if Keith should go “all in” on the food truck and take the year long lease after nearly passing out from heat exhaustion serving this weekend.

Battling Startitis: How Do You Get The Cash Flowing?

Battling “startitis.” How do you get going when you have HUGE ideas, especially when they are so big that you don’t even know where to start. How do you take the huge ideas and get the cash flowing so you can spend it and start growing quickly? Welcome to Andrew Sridar’s podcast takeover where he asks ” I am someone who dreams big — like really, really big. But I know I need to get to cash flow quickly?”

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Big Launch

Launching a food truck is a huge mission. From the health department certificate to the commissary and getting people to show up for the grand opening you have your work cut out for you. Did Keith get it all done? Did he survive the process let alone turn a profit and get happy customers? Find out in this episode of the Rebel Entreprenuer Coaching Series if Keith got to launch and how it went!

The Rebel Startup Process with Simon Paine

How do you start a business? What’s the best way to get going? Isn’t it different for products and services? Join Simon and Alan as they bring together all the strands of startup from the last two seasons into the definitive guide to the Rebel Startup method. We will run you through the process from idea generation to growth and highlight the different episodes and resources to help you get going. This is the guide to starting a business the Rebel way!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Preparing to Launch

Do you realize how much work it is to launch a business?? You have decided to have a go, you are pumped about the side-hustle, and now the real work starts. Join us as Keith is deep in setting up his food truck, working to get a license, a commissary, and ready for customers. Building a business is a huge undertaking and before you launch yours you need to experience what it really takes alongside someone who is actually doing it. Welcome to the Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series Season 4.

Losing the Family Home

Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning? In this episode Kristy and Bryce of Millennial Revolution takeover the Rebel Entrepreneur and go deep into Alan’s back story. We find out where Alan’s hatred of bullies come from, why Alan is so against debt, and how Alan turned the toughest moments in his life into the driving force behind the Rebel brand. There are certain moments in life that will either tear you into pieces or form you into the person you are today. You get to choose.

The Annual Review – Creating Extraordinary in the Coming Year

How do you set up your life and world for the best possible chance of success in the year coming? Happy new year and in this special episode Alan shares the annual review process he uses with Katie (his wife) and the Rebel team to reflect on the year passed and set up the next year for the best possible chance of success. Join Alan as we find out the questions he asks himself, how he thinks about reviewing the year past and using that as the inspiration to build the year coming. Find out what’s coming up in Season 3 and what Patrick the podcast manager and Alan have in store for you! Welcome to the new year!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: Getting Permission

You are desperate to dive in and launch. You see an opportunity that you grab with both hands; but have you given yourself enough time? Launching certain businesses can have a huge amount of paperwork attached to it. You need permits, plans, insurance, and more. In this episode we meet Keith half way through his original mini-experiment and find out what he needs to put in place to get going.

The Big End!

Join Alan and the whole Rebel Business School gang for the grand finale of Season 2 and a Christmas special.  We have voicemails from you the listeners, Alan answering questions, and then each and every member of the Rebel Business School team has ideas and tips to help you be successful in 2022.  We are so excited to share this final episode with you!  If you have enjoyed Season 2 you are going to love this, and please take a moment after listening to give us feedback!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Risky Experiment

You want to start a business and get going. You’ve got ideas and a dream. You just need to get money to start up. The question is, how much risk are you willing to take on with your new venture? In this episode Alan and Keith explore ways to minimize the risk of starting your business, and help Keith get going with his food truck experiment in Arizona! Can Keith get it off the ground in only two weeks?

Just Publish: The Magic of Putting Yourself Out There

What happens when you come on a Rebel Business School and Alan forces you to build and publish your website by day 3 of the course? Meet Lance who came to the Rebel Business School in Longmont Colorado, and was forced by Alan to publish and launch his own website. The message of the episode: stop thinking and start doing!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The Big WHY: Why Are You Starting Up?

Why are you starting your business? Do you know your values? What is important to you in life? Have you ever taken time to ask if this new business venture of yours will actually move you towards your goals? Towards your values? In this episode Alan asks the tough questions with Keith to uncover his real motivation for starting a food truck.

Practical Self-Development

How do you create the life of your dreams? Alan keeps repeating “The extraordinary belongs to those that create it!”, and we can almost hear you saying, “Enough already Alan; how do we actually do this? Where do we start?” Well in this episode Alan works to help lay out a framework for getting from A to B and the steps to do it. If you want an extraordinary life then it is down to you and this episode lays out the blueprint!

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: What Are You Building? Life After the Mini-Experiment

After a series of mini-experiments and a move across the country, Keith Hunt is trying to work out what to work on next? Have you ever taken the time to consider what you are actually building? Whether it lines up with how you want to spend your time? Does it move you closer to your values, or further away? Take the time to consider what you are building alongside Alan and Keith as they discuss food trucks, cloud kitchens, and Kickstarter campaigns.

Self-Development Courses

Tony Robins, T. Harv Eker, Christopher Howard, The Landmark Forum, Richard Bandler and NLP; between them Simon and Alan have been on just about every self-development course and they share their biggest learnings, which ones are actually worth it, and what you should avoid and/or get into. Ever been curious about self-development courses and whether you should go? This is the episode for you.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: The BIG Celebration

Matt and Rob are back for the last episode of the Season 3 Rebel Coaching series. Join us as we celebrate the progress made, discuss what tips, thoughts, and ideas Rob and Matt have for Andrew, and have a laugh along the way. We cover running mini-experiments, the failures, how they shape you, and how to push forward in spite of them.

Self-Development for Entrepreneurs

Simon likes to say that Alan is one of the world’s largest self-development geeks and he has forgotten more about self-development than most people ever learn. Join Alan and Simon as they talk about the role self-development should have in an entrepreneur’s journey, the courses they have both been on, the impact they have had, and tools, tips, and ideas for you on your journey to creating the extraordinary.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: What Have We Learnt?

In the penultimate episode of this coaching series we go back through each and every single episode so far to find out what worked and what didn’t on the journey to build and monetize Andrew’s YouTube Channel. Join us for an incredibly valuable episode where we boil down the key learnings and how you can apply them to your business.

Is Self-Development a Scam?

JT Foxx is the self-proclaimed World’s Number 1 Wealth Coach (not the normal guest on the Rebel Entrepreneur) and is on the show to talk about whether self-development is a scam or not. The global self-development market is worth $40 billion and Alan wonders how much of that money actually adds value to the people that spend it. Join Alan for a very surprising conversation with JT Foxx.

Rebel Entrepreneur Coaching Series: SEO – Youtube

How to optimize SEO on a YouTube Channel. In this episode we have Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project on the show talking all things Search Engine Optimization. Whether you have a blog, podcast, website, or YouTube channel Doug breaks down the key steps to get going with optimizing your site and content to show up in a search engine. Get out a pen and paper and join us for a tour de force of SEO!

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Bad things happen. You’re going to get fired, you’re going to lose clients, or things are just going to go wrong. Successful people don’t have less problems, they find a way to respond to them differently. How might your biggest challenge be your biggest opportunity? In this episode Alan talks to Josh Bond who turned getting fired into building an incredible business and eventually his dream life style.