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At 32, I became financially independent. Now it’s my mission to help others build a life that perfectly lines up with their values, passion, and purpose.

Life Optimization

10 Year Time Capsule

In an especially foul mood, as her family thumbed through a photo book, Jillian was reminded anew of the feelings, experiences, and heartache that she

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Future Journaling

In this episode, Jillian lets out her inner mean girl and drops some hard truth: most people aren’t ready for the thing they say they

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woman tracking personal finance in notebook
Personal Finance

Most Experty Expert

When you’re not the most “experty expert” fear can creep in and stymie you. Jillian explains that when we doubt our value we miss out

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About Jillian Johnsrud

Fifteen years ago when Adam and I were married, we had $55,000 in debt (credit card, student loans, and medical debt). We also had big dreams. We wanted to take mini-retirements. We wanted to travel the world. And we wanted to adopt. We wanted financial freedom: to never worry about having the money to put food on the table or pay the bills again. I grew up poor, and never ever wanted to feel that way again.

In the last 15 years, we paid off all our debt, traveled to 27 counties, lived abroad for 4 years, took 5 mini-retirements, adopted 4 kids (plus had 2 biological kids!). We paid cash for our very first home and bought 2 rental properties that we fixed up ourselves. We have served on boards of nonprofits, mentored kids from tough situations, and volunteered in all sorts of roles.

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