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Life Optimization
In this episode: real estate investing, breaking up with your financial advisor, travel rewards, and spending for happiness.
woman tracking personal finance in notebook
In this episode: financial advisor breakups, I bonds, the 4% rule, second generation FI, Roth IRAs, and the listener mailbag.
Real Estate
In this episode with Chad Carson: Small and Mighty real estate investors, designing your life, real estate investing, pain points, working backward, and finding your sweet spot.
In this episode: investing, losing money hurts, pessimism, optimism, index funds, psychology, history, and building wealth.
Life Optimization
In this episode: the phases of FI, your spending framework, dying with zero, changing your anchor points, and the value of time.
Life Optimization
In this episode: travel rewards, credit cards, the true cost of buying a car, health, retirement, and community wins.
Sunny beach scene
In this episode: the travelers triangle, booking early, flexibility, planning, hotels, and knowing you are getting a deal.
Life Optimization
In this episode: the continuum of FI, skilling up, chasing true value, the power of connection, and second generation FI.
Life Optimization
In this episode: money against mindset, fear setting, FI events, gap years, slow travel, and living intentionally.
In this episode: success after FI, finding purpose, owning your time, investing in health, and spiritual pursuits.
In this episode: the pain of paying, anchoring, relative value, sunk costs, response to stimulus, and opportunity cost.
College Hacking
This week we are re-joined by friend of the podcast, Travis Hornsby, to discuss some critical updates and deadlines pertaining to student loan forgiveness.