Habits for Wealth Building | Rich and Regular | EP 298

Watch Listen Read Martin and Ayesha with Julien and Kiersten Website:  rich and REGULAR YouTube: Money on the Table What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show We are checking back in with our Households of FI family, Martin and Ayesha, who have been paired with mentors, Julien and Kiersten of Rich and Regular. Kiersten and […]

Salesforce: A Lucrative Career and No Degree or Tech Background Needed

Before the pandemic, Anita Smith had a great career. She had a degree in hospitality management and was working as a revenue manager for a large hotel chain in Houston. She had gone through that hotel’s management development program. Anita was poised for great success. When the pandemic hit, one of her job responsibilities was […]

Credit 101: The Ultimate Guide to Credit

Understanding what credit is, what it can do, how to responsibly use it, and how to optimize it is almost like a financial superpower. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to grow their depth of knowledge when it comes to credit and everything it touches in their lives. This Credit 101: Ultimate Guide to […]

The Examined Life | EP 287

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Are you the kind of person who sets New Year’s resolutions? Like many Americans, Jonathan used to set weight loss goals for the new year, but not this year. Instead, he and his accountability partner, JD Roth, spent the previous nine months working on it and began the […]

I Like to Dabble | EP 286

Daniella Website:  I Like to Dabble What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show Many industries we once believed were recession-proof have proven otherwise. What can we do to build multiple streams of income and the resilience needed so that we’re not reliant on anyone else for financial security? Side hustles and passive income are key […]

Banking 101: The Ultimate Guide to Banking Basics in 2021

Whether you’re just starting (or restarting) getting your money in order, understanding the basics of banking, budgeting, spending, saving, and borrowing are crucial steps on your path to financial independence and living your best life. We at ChooseFI are dedicated to educating and guiding you every step of the way on your journey to FI. […]

Becoming FI to Follow Your Passion with MK Williams

MK Williams graduated college in 2010. With student loan debt looming, a recession, and a horrible job market, the American dream seemed more mythical than possible. Armed with lots of spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches she did manage to pay off her debt in two years and spent the rest of the decade reaching financial […]

5 Critical Items You Need On Your Year-End Financial Checklist

When your goal is Financial Independence, you watch your spending and saving very carefully all year. But that doesn’t diminish the need for a year-end financial checklist. On that checklist are things that you should do at the end of every single calendar year to make sure your finances are in the best shape possible […]

Board Games and War Games | EP 275

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show It’s no secret that Brad and Jonathan’s families are board game fans. One way they can typically save 20-60% on the cost of board games is by watching for price drops on Amazon using CamelCamelCamel. Brad was able to save a substantial amount on the purchase of a […]