The 12 Best Ways To Learn At Home

The 12 Best Ways To Learn At Home

Time is a gift. It may not seem that way when you’re suddenly faced with extra time at home because you’ve been laid off or you’re trying to spend less. But it’s important to have a positive mindset and still try to keep yourself and your skills fresh by continuing to learn at home. Table Of Contents Online Learning From Home Periodicals For Learning From Home Books For Learning From … Read more

Welcome To My Hot Mess (Joy) Club #2

Jillian is back with a new hot mess. The hot mess (joy) club part two covers a particularly painful moment in the dressing room and forgetting an important milestone. Sometimes if we don’t laugh about it, we’ll just cry. So we’re just going to choose to laugh instead. Courageous Moments Aren’t Perfect Before recording Season two of the podcast, Jillian needed to go clothes shopping. It’s not her favorite activity … Read more

Federal Vs Private Student Loans: How To Choose

Federal Vs Private Student Loans: How To Choose

Unless you’ve earned a ton of scholarships or your parents are helping to pay for your education, your likely considering student loans. Currently, over 45 million Americans are dealing with student debt. There are many different types of student loans and they all fall into one of two categories: federal vs private student loans. Federal Vs Private Student Loans: Where Federal Student Loans Generally Win Federal student loans offer several … Read more

168R | Prioritizing Your Priorities

Prioritizing Your Priorities

With the principles outlined in Make Time, you have the potential to dramatically improve your life in a short period of time. Plus, hear an inspiring FI story and tips for teachers. Jonathan used the principles in Make Time to make big changes to his lifestyle. After building out an ideal day, he was able to start implementing a schedule that works better for his life and family. Brad took the lessons learned … Read more

168| Make Time

168 Make Time John Zeratzky

John Zeratsky, author of Make Time, joins Brad and Jonathan to share actionable tips to build a framework that cuts through your perpetual state of busyness. John Zeratsky joins the show to discuss the principles in his new book, Make Time.  The book outlines strategies to make time in your life for the things that matter to you most. John shares his insights on these frameworks. The framework is a four-step thought … Read more

163 | Finding FI And Getting A Reluctant Spouse On Board | Liz And Braden

163 | Finding FI | Liz and Braden

Recently, Liz and Braden left a voicemail that detailed how they went from regular people to FI superheroes. They came on the show to share their journey. Listen: Silver Spoon Or Skills Liz And Braden’s Story Liz grew up with a single mom that struggled financially after getting divorced. Due to that, she had to learn how to budget at a very young age. She helped her mom pay off … Read more

How To Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

How To Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

Are you in the midst of going through a divorce or have recently finalized a divorce? Divorce is considered one of the most stressful events a person can experience. Not to mention that it often leaves you emotionally, physically, and financially shattered. However, you can rebuild your life after divorce. Starting Over After Divorce Divorce affects life in many ways, including financially. In fact, one study by the Government Accountability … Read more

Radius Bank Review 2020–A Powerful & Free Rewards Checking Account

Radius Bank Review 2020--A Powerful & Free Rewards Checking Account

Radius bank has been around since 1987 and is a mostly online bank with only one branch in Boston. It’s also the home of one of our favorite checking accounts–the Rewards Checking account. Radius is setting the bar high when it comes to online checking accounts. Earn Cash Back on Debit Purchases One incredible feature of the Radius Rewards Checking account is the ability to earn an unlimited amount of … Read more

13 Life Optimization Hacks To Be Happy Now

13 Life Optimization Hacks To Be Happy Now

In the FI community, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize and make changes for the better. It’s a given that most of our community members are constantly finding life hacks to improve life, to be happier, healthier, and more in tune with what matters most. If you’re looking for ideas to be happier now, we have some life hacks you can experiment with to help move the needle for … Read more

162 | The Four Tendencies And FI With Gretchen Rubin

The Four Tendencies And FI With Gretchen Rubin

Although finding the path to FI can be exciting, it can be frustrating to have difficulty communicating this vision to your family and friends. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, sheds some light on the Four Tendencies or people and how to communicate with each tendency. Gretchen’s Story Gretchen is an Upholder by nature. She walked away from a Supreme Court clerk position to become a successful writer and … Read more