127R | Cutting Through The Noise Of Dieting And Debt

Cutting Through The Noise Of Dieting And Debt

Brad and Jonathan dive into tactics to optimize both your health and your debt. The goal is to simplify your finances and your health by stacking multiple optimization tactics together. Make small changes in your life, that when done over many months and years are going to add up to a better life. Cutting Through The Noise Of Health Optimization Around the country, Americans are realizing that we need to … Read more

127 | How To Optimize Your Health With Dr. Scott Sherr

127 | Scott Scherr | Health Optimization

Brad and Jonathan discuss health optimization strategies with Dr. Scott Sherr. The episode is packed full of useful information, however, do not make life altering medical decisions based on this show alone. Although we are talking to a real doctor, do not take this as medical advice. Consult with your own physician before making any major medical decisions. Dr. Scott Sherr Back in high school, Brad and Scott played soccer … Read more

126 | Estate Planning With Mark Moss

126 | Estate Planning Wills vs Trusts | Mark Moss

Brad and Jonathan are continuing the conversation about estate planning and planning for your family’s future with estate lawyer, Mark Moss. Why Estate Planning? If the worst happens to your family, it is vitally important to have an estate plan for your survivors. Estate planning is not just for the extremely wealthy. It is for any adult that has any assets. The goal of an estate plan is to really … Read more

Why Nursing Is Great Job For FI (And 3 Ways To Get Started As A Nurse)

How To Become A Nurse

If you want to become a nurse while pursuing FI, two things will be key to your success. First, you’ll want to save as much money as you can on your education. Second, you’ll want to find ways to increase your earnings potential. Nursing allows for both. Nurses are in high demand. Nursing is expected to grow 15% between 2016 and 2026, that’s over double the average job growth rate. … Read more

Career Hacking: Speed Up Your Path To FI

Career Hacking: Speed Up Your Path To FI

The traditional approach to building a career is a passive one. After college or vocational training, most people never pick up a book again. Some simply clock their time from 9-5 year over year, keeping pace with inflation without much thought. Most workers hope to earn a 2-3% yearly raise, and many don’t take advantage of other employer benefits available to hack their savings and aggressively grow their earnings. Although … Read more

121R | How To Get Any Job

how to get any job

Brad and Jonathan talk about sleep habits, energy efficiency, and the best ways to land a job with Chris Hutchins from Grove. Sleep Habits To Improve Your Life In this week’s episode, Angela briefly mentioned the benefits of a full night’s sleep. Although many people struggle with sleep, it is not commonly talked about. To function at full capacity during the day, it is important to recharge with enough sleep … Read more

120 | Your Money And Your Relationships With Jean Chatzky

120 | Your Money and Your Relationships | Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky is the financial editor of the NBC Today Show and author of . She is recognized for a specialized understanding of the relationship between women and their money. However, both men and women can learn something for Chatzky’s insights. Brad and Jonathan delve into the relationships that each of us has with money. Women with Money With the release of Women with Money: The Judgement-Free Guide to Creating … Read more

How I Bought My Dream Car While Still Pursuing FI

How I Bought My Dream Car While Still Pursuing FI

When you think about chasing Financial Independence (FI), one of the first areas most people often look to save money is with their cars. FI’ers often sacrifice what they might like to have for the practical and cost-saving aspect to whatever they drive. Meanwhile, it would seem most Americans are driving larger vehicles that get worse gas mileage. Luxury automobiles, such as BMWs and Teslas, seem more common today than … Read more

Best Money Books For The FI Journey

Best Money Books For The FI Journey

These days, so many of us get the bulk of our worldview from snippets we read online. We’re more informed than ever, but often lacking in the depth of perspective that comes with long-form writing. That is unless you’re an avid reader of books. I write articles for a living but sometimes you need a good book to truly understand a philosophy or method. When an author has the space … Read more

15 Places You Can Get A Free Credit Score

15 Places You Can Get A Free Credit Score

Even though you’re working toward financial independence, it’s important to stay aware of your credit score. Depending on where you are on your FI journey, you may still need access to loans to make a large purchase such as buying a home. You can also use your stellar credit to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in credit card rewards each year. While you can pay to monitor your credit scores, … Read more