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Join The Rebellion | Ep 204

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  • The Rebellion is Here! Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast is live and available anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Head to choosefi.com/rebel to get early access to all the episodes for Season 1.
  • The long-awaited Barrett Family Recipes are available. Head to choosefi.com/2-meals to look at each recipe. Or if you want to download and print the collection, you can opt-in on that page. We’ll also send you updates as more recipes are added.
  • Contribute your won recipes to our community on the ChooseFI Recipes and Meals Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChooseFIRecipes.
  • Creative Mother’s Day Gifts. Jonathan went for the low cost but extremely valuable gift of compiling family photos for his wife, Dani. Brad went for the novel and entertaining, Cameo.com to surprise Laura with a message from her favorite Mets Player. Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box.
  • What if everyone pursued FI, how would that mirror the world we are living in now? Anne-Marie wrote in with this question and the guys discussed what a world of FI would look like if we all spent according to our needs and priorities instead of our wants.
  • What is the future of college in a post COVID world? In discussing a world where everyone cut discretionary spending, college seems like a big expense right now. With many student losing “the college experience” this term, was it worth the high cost to take courses online at home? Couldn’t a Coursera or another MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) fill the same need? The guys discuss this topic.

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