Why volunteer as a JA Financial Literacy Coach

We already know that we are the average of the 5 people we choose to surround ourselves. 

That’s why we have the ChooseFI local groups, and why the groups have in-person meet-ups.

We also know that when we share what we know with others, we get better at the thing we teach. 

It’s great to share with friends how financial independence can change their lives – but imagine the impact when you help the next generation make that same connection by being a mentor.

If your local group has been looking for a volunteer meet up idea, this is a great opportunity. 

In early April 2019, volunteers from the DC Choose FI local group mentored middle school kids on sound financial literacy.

The idea was to sneak Financial Independence concepts into these young minds, such as life optimization and crushing expenses. And boy did the DC group knock the ball out of the park. 

There’s nothing like seeing the bulb light up, when a kid comes to the realization that the smart way forward in life is to crush or avoid debt, optimize savings, and live life with intention.

The DC team so impressed our hosts – Junior Achievement – that we are now expanding the partnership to more cities in the 2019/2020 school year, starting in September 2019.

What is Junior Achievement and JA Finance Park

Junior Achievement is the largest and most mature organization in the US dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success.

A key program is JA Finance Park, which is a 1-day hands-on experience that middle schoolers attend after completing financial literacy modules taught in schools.

Here’s a video of what a day at Finance Park is like:

How to Help?

There are two volunteer opportunities available:

  • As a Choose FI Local Group: If your local group is able to coordinate around 20 volunteers during a workday, the best way to help is to volunteer at a JA Finance Park together and mentor the students there. The DC group wrapped up the day of volunteering with a meet up after, so that might be an idea to emulate.
  • As an individual or small group: If your local group is unable to muster large enough numbers, you can still help by volunteering to teach financial literacy in classrooms using JA curriculum. Or, you could choose to help at JA Finance Park, and the local JA organizer will schedule you along with volunteers who may not be in the FI community.

Where and When is the help needed?

Starting the Fall of 2019, Junior Achievement will roll out the first phase of the partnership with ChooseFI local groups across the country.


Next Steps

Junior Achievement held a 30-min briefing for prospective volunteers in June 2019.  If helping the next generation sounds like something that resonates with you, listen to the session below to learn more.


Ready to Help Younger Minds with Financial Literacy? Volunteer!