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Is The Retirement Saver’s Credit Worth It In 2020? | Ep 213

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What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • Memorial Day – Cooking with ChooseFI recipes. Enjoy some “FI-ne Dining” while saving in the process.
  • Retirement Savers Credit – The guys detail this little known tax credit. Tax credits v tax deductions AND refunded v non-refundable credit. Sean mentioned this on is live: With the larger standard deduction, this may benefit a very specific individual or household, but hey, that’s a benefit to them!! More details on the IRS website.
  • FI is power: not only does it make decisions easier, it relieves stress, and provides a community! Feedback and negotiation tips for teachers in the ChooseFI Educators group (in response to Monday’s episode 211)
  • Brad was on Jillian’s latest episode of Everyday Courage on Monday as well. Clear = Kind, be clear with people when you communicate!
  • ChooseFI Case Studies are coming! First one was this past Wednesday

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