140R | The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

The Real Cost Of A Financial Advisor

Brad and Jonathan dive into the costs of a financial advisor and college hacking. Financial Advisors Jonathan recently recorded an episode with Pete Matthews from Meaningful Money. Pete mentioned that he had been at a financial planning conference where they told the audience that financial advisors need to be prepared to talk to people about reaching Financial Independence. FI is a framework on life. That’s what people are looking for. … Read more

Why Investing Conservatively Is Better

Why Investing Conservatively Is Better

When working with clients, I have several ways to determine the correct allocation they should have to stocks and bonds. More often than not, I find that clients are over-allocated to stocks. Therefore, they are taking more risk in their portfolios than needed. Today, I want to discuss why investing more conservatively is usually better at helping clients meet their financial goals. Having a lower allocation to stocks may seem … Read more

133R | Should You Invest Or Pay Off Your Mortgage?

pay off mortgage or invest

Brad and Jonathan discuss a burning question in the FI community, a new budget experiment, and an update on Playing with FIRE.  You Need A Budget Experiment Jonathan and his wife have decided to give You Need A Budget a try. Although they have no consumer debt and maintain an aggressive savings rate, the luxury of not living paycheck to paycheck means that the low-level lifestyle inflation happens. As a … Read more

Teach Your Kids About Money With The Goalsetter App

Teach Your Kids About Money With The Goalsetter App

We know that most children have a difficult time saving money. It burns a hole in their pocket whenever they get their hands on it and they MUST spend it on something. At least, that is how it happens with most of our kids. So getting them to save their money poses a difficult challenge for them. Enter the Goalsetter app! Financial Literacy In Children Teaching financial literacy to our … Read more

130R | Simplifying The Ultimate Buy And Hold Strategy With M1 Finance

Ultimate Buy And Hold Strategy With M1 Finance

Jonathan and Brad discuss Playing with FIRE updates and the ultimate buy and hold portfolio. Playing With FIRE update Brad and Jonathan just returned from the world premiere of Playing with FIRE in San Diego. Around 250 people showed up to the event and it was an eye-opening experience. You should not watch this at home on your couch in the living room. Right now, you have the opportunity and … Read more

130 | Paul Merriman Introduces The Ultimate Buy And Hold Portfolio

130 | Paul Merriman | The Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio

Jonathan and Brad talk to Paul Merriman. The goal is to contrast the “Simple Path to Wealth Approach” with the “Ultimate Buy and Hold Portfolio.” Paul is a proponent of the Ultimate Buy and Hold strategy and a legend in this space. The insights Paul provides about this strategy are priceless. Paul Merriman’s Story Paul started his career as a stockbroker. However, he quickly began to question the fact that … Read more

How To Create An Investment Policy Statement

How To Create An Investment Policy Statement

As members of the FI community, our goals are all similar enough in theory. In order to retire early, we need to have 25x our annual expenses in diversified investments and savings to achieve this. But how, and when, each one of us achieves it may be completely different based on our individual scenarios, which is where having an Investment Policy Statement comes in handy. What Is An Investment Policy … Read more

Acorns Review–Automatically Invest Your Spare Change

Acorns Review--Automatically Invest Your Spare Change

I signed up for an account, here’s how it went. How Acorns Works  We’ll cover the whole sign-up process below, but basically, after you sign-up for an account (which you can do online or through the app), you need to link a debit or credit card. Then, each time you make a purchase, rounds up your total to the nearest dollar, and the difference is invested for you. Investing really … Read more

126R | What Is An Annuity

126R | What is an Annuity

Brad and Jonathan tackle a listener question about annuities and discuss some updates to the travel rewards landscape. Second Generation FI Many people in our community struggle with how to pass along the lessons of FI to their children. Brad shared stories about passing FI lessons along to his children. The little things really are the big things in life. Brad and Laura take the opportunities to teach their kids … Read more