The Best Investing Apps For Each Level Of Investing

The Best Investing Apps For The Best Investing Apps For Each Level Of InvestingEach Level Of Investing

In today’s digital world, anything and everything is controlled by an app. That includes investing–and there are enough of them available that it can be hard to separate the best investing apps from all the rest. To pick the one that’s best for you, you’ll want to consider how much control you want to have over your investments, how automated each app’s process is, and how much knowledge you yourself … Read more

529 College Savings Plan: What You Need to Know

529 College Savings Plan: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for an efficient account to save for you or your child’s college education, it’s hard to beat a 529 college savings plan. These plans offer unique tax advantages and they’re more flexible than other college savings tools. But while a good portion of the general public understands how retirement accounts work, the average person may have little experience or familiarity with 529 college savings plans. How do … Read more

Axos Bank Review: No Fees Makes Axos A Smart Choice

Axos Bank Review: No Fees MakAxos Bank Review: No Fees Makes Axos A Smart Choicees Axos A Smart Choice

With so many banks out there, it can be hard to find the one that has the most benefit for you and your money. Axos Bank may not be on your radar now, but it should be. Our Axos Bank review offers a critical looking at banking with this online-only institution. Table Of Contents Is Axos Bank Legit Two Main Checking Account Options How Do Axos Bank Checking Accounts Compare … Read more

Personal Capital Review 2020–Still The Best Net Worth Tracker?

Personal Capital Review 2020--Still The Best Net Worth Tracker?

Personal Capital is definitely still my favorite net worth tracker by far. I love it for its incredibly intuitive interface, the fact that it allows you to aggregate all the different accounts that you have, and because it’s absolutely free! If you take some time to think about it, you may realize just how spread out your investments really are. Maybe you have a 401(k) with your employer and a … Read more

Real Estate Investing During a Recession Or Financial Crisis With Coach Carson | Ep 203

Real estate during a crisis

In Today’s Episode Conversation with Chad Carson aka Coach Carson  Website: Coach Carson Podcast: Coach Carson Podcast What you’ll get out of today’s show How to manage your relationships with your tenants who in many cases their jobs are disappearing. How to do disaster planning and calculate your burn rate with regards to your real estate portfolio. Avoiding a real estate apocalypse amidst incredible economic uncertainty. How to keep the money … Read more

The Rule Of 55 | Ep 201

the rule of 55

The IRS provision that will allow you to access the money in your 401k long before 59.5. Brad shares his COVID board game of choice and Jillian from Everyday Courage joins us to discuss what to do when all hope is lost. Resources The High Cost Of Living And The Path To FI With Paige And Sam Recovery And Healing With Deanna Broaddus Westend Crossfit   Brad has been enjoying … Read more

Stock Fundamentals With Brian Feroldi | Ep 200

Stock Fundamentals

Brian Feroldi stops by to discuss the basics of buying stocks and how the stock market works. What Does It Mean When You Buy A Stock? A stock represents partial ownership in a business. When you buy a company’s stock you have a permanent claim on that company’s assets and their current and future profit streams, forever. The reason stocks have value is because the businesses that are attached to … Read more

CD Ladder: What It Is And How To Build One

It’s difficult to balance getting a good return on invested money with having access to that money when you need it. If you’re looking for the solution to this dilemma, a CD ladder might be the answer. When done correctly, a CD ladder can offer two benefits. First, investors can often get a better return on their money than they would if they had placed their money in a savings … Read more

Making Portfolio Adjustments With Big ERN | Ep 199

Karsten from Early Retirement Now joins the show to share his take on how those pursuing Financial Independence should adjust their investment portfolios based on the recent swings of the market. Big ERN shares that it is unprecedented to see the stock market have such a rapid decline in one month. However, a 30% drop in the market is not unprecedented. The market has seen drops of 55% during the … Read more

M1 Finance Review–Completely Free Automated Investing!

M1 Finance Review - Completely Free Automated Investing!

It’s no secret that investing can be complicated. So, when something comes along that both demystifies and simplifies it, as well as making it financially accessible to nearly everyone, people tend to get pretty excited. That’s why there’s been a lot of hype about M1 Finance – a completely free investing robo-advisor brokerage hybrid. The truth is, brokerage house websites are clunky, difficult to navigate and use, and move slowly … Read more