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Introducing Our FI Households!! Part 2 | Ep 224

Meet the final 4 of our 8 Households of FI. Join this interactive experience where both subject matter experts and members of the community connect with and mentor these households to help reach their goals.

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • All eight of the households recently found FI and are just starting out, learning how to align their choices and actions with their goals. The households come from different backgrounds and are in different stages of life. Hopefully, listeners can relate to one of the eight households and take action alongside them.
  • Your outcome in life is a combination of knowing the rules along with the decisions, and choices made consistently over time. Not everything is going to work, but if you can have faith that over time, there is a high probability of success.
  • Martin and Ayesha are natural savers living in Chicago with their 2 children. Their goals are to develop a financial plan for their children’s education, decrease their taxable income, and increase their savings rate to 65%, with the ultimate goal of retiring 10 years.
  • Zach and Marilyn Loe the outdoors and flipping homes. Living in Cedar City, Utah with their two children on a modest income, they managed to pay off $50,000 in debt and have been saving money in a lot of different buckets. They would like to purchase a dream home, increase their savings rate to 50%, increase their income, and maybe even house hack.
  • Kristi is a single mom with a daughter living in Minnesota. She was introduced to financial independence right as she was finishing her MBA and was concerned about facing life after meeting her education goals. Since finding ChooseFI, she has been cutting expenses and increasing savings. She wants her daughter to develop a healthy understanding and attitude toward money as well as build a robust plan for her own future.
  • Corrine is a 32-year-old accountant living in Gainesville, Florida who never had an interest in personal finance until this year. She is looking to become more intentional with budgeting and saving, prioritize what’s important to her, and build the life she wants.
  • To provide information or resources to our Households of FI, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “FI Households”.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Conversation

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