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Introducing Casual Wednesdays | Ep 197

Why online grocery shopping is actually saving Brad and Jonathan money, how to approach working from home with your boss after things return to normal, and how to claim any unclaimed property.

Brad and Laura have been using online grocery delivery since the beginning of the lockdown and haven’t been to a grocery store in 40 days. Before the lockdown it seemed a luxury they could avoid. Laura enjoyed going to the grocery store and felt she had the time. The extra cost of grocery delivery seemed unnecessary.

But they have been loving Instacart. Brad is surprised to hear himself say that they may not go back to doing their own shopping. They are considering sticking to Instacart even after things return to normal.

Jonathan has realized that while each item is a little more expensive when ordering online the cost is often offset by the fact that you make fewer impulse purchases. He was expecting to see a 5% increase when he started having his groceries delivered he’s actually seen a 20% decrease due to fewer impulse purchases.

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MK likes the Walmart pick up the best. It’s the perfect combo of avoiding people and still being able to get out. She also likes that they don’t mark up the items so the cost is the same as shopping in store.

You order your groceries online and it will give you a time slot. It then texts  you when your order is ready and if you turn on location services for the app the store will know exactly when you arrive and they will come out and put your groceries in the car.

She does note that it’s been difficult to get a time slot since COVID and last time she had to wait three days for a time slot. But typically it’s the next day.

Check out Instacart here.

Being Creative During This Time

Brad loves to see how creative everyone is being during this time. Normally people have a tendency to sleepwalk through life–just doing what they’ve always done. But with COVID and quarantine we’ve been forced to shake things up.

Brad and his family are having a Zoom call with extended family to play games.

Brad had a friend turn 40 and they were unable to host the birthday party they had originally planned. So instead they did a surprise drive-by parade to celebrate.

Working From Home

Companies are finding creative ways to allow their employees to work from home. How will this affect the work environment when things return to normal? If you’d like to continue working from home here are some tips.

  • remind them that employees value flexibility
  • show that the work that was being done from home during the quarantine was of high quality
  • explain that this is a trend that companies are moving towards
  • ask if you can work from up to two days a week

Unclaimed Property

When you pay an employee or vendor and they never cash their check that money doesn’t go back to the payer. It actually gets remitted to the state as unclaimed property so the payee can claim it at some point in the future.

Check out One Mile At A Time’s article. It lists the unclaimed money websites for all 50 states.

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