5 Critical Items You Need On Your Year-End Financial Checklist

When your goal is Financial Independence, you watch your spending and saving very carefully all year. But that doesn’t diminish the need for a year-end financial checklist. On that checklist are things that you should do at the end of every single calendar year to make sure your finances are in the best shape possible […]

How To Find The Best Homeowners Insurance Policy

For most of us, our home will be one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime. And your home will often account for a significant percentage of your overall net worth. That’s why finding the best homeowners insurance policy is so critical. No one wants to think that we’ll be the unfortunate person […]

153 | RIP Medical Debt | An Inside Look At Debt Collection And Forgiveness

Medical debt has the power to seriously hurt your financial future. Many Americans are faced with unavoidable medical debt that has crippled their financial situation. RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit working to forgive medical debt for pennies on the dollar. They share their background and the amazing progress they’ve made. Medical Debt Both Craig […]

149R | Whole Life Insurance

Jonathan digs deep comparing whole life insurance and term insurance. Laura gets over $130 of clothes from Old Navy for 80 cents! How Laura Broke Old Navy According to Brad, this may be Laura’s best shopping experience of all time. She only paid 80 cents for goods that would normally cost $132.92! The girls and […]

Choosing Your Health Insurance: A Guide For Open Enrollment

If you depend on the Health Insurance Marketplace for health coverage, open enrollment is an important time. First, it’s an opportunity for you to preview any planned changes to your coverage or premium. And if you’re unhappy with your current health insurance policy, open enrollment is your chance to shop around for a better deal. […]

132R Insurance | A Framework

Brad and Jonathan discuss community, takeaways from Lisa Duke, and insurance policies. Community Recently, Jonathan moved into a new home in a neighborhood near Brad’s. In a short amount of time, he has already met several of the neighbors. Many just came to his door to introduce themselves and welcome him to the neighborhood. The […]

Disability Insurance: The Most Important Insurance People Don’t Buy

Buying insurance reminds us of our mortality. We could get sick, hit by a car, or have our home destroyed. However, we still buy medical, auto, and home insurance to protect against those risks. But there’s one policy that most people don’t buy even though there’s a 1 in 4 chance that they’ll need it–disability […]

Save Money On Car Insurance With A Pay-Per-Mile Policy: Metromile Review

If you don’t drive very much you might be able to lower your car insurance bill with . Maybe you bike to work, work from home, travel a lot, or you’ve retired and just don’t drive that much anymore. About Metromile Metromile was founded in Redwood City, CA by David Friedberg and Steve Pretre in […]