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Hot Mess Joy Club #5

As Aaron Burr so eloquently sang, “I wanna be in the room where it happens”, we too find ourselves longing to know the secrets to success. However, If Hamilton taught us anything, it is that we shouldn’t be surprised when progress gets messy. 

In this episode, Jillian shares what was actually happening in the room. Returning from a camping trip, Jillian found herself stinky, frazzled, and ill-equipped for her first interview of the season! She had two hours before they were scheduled to connect, but had forgotten to email Alan Donegan the login information. In fact, she couldn’t even remember the name of the software. 

Rarely will the road be perfect, even if our greatest desire is to live in that precisely scheduled, organized, and planned life you have envisioned. 

A couple of days later, Jillian again found herself in an unenviable situation. Thanks to COVID, many of us can get by with a lovely blouse on top and sweats down below as we telecommute. Unfortunately the facade isn’t as successful when someone sees you in person. Meeting fellow creatives, writers, and freelancers can be very suave and sexy. For Jillian, meeting Joel, headwriter for, was anything but put together. 

In the span of their introduction, working, and farewell, Joel had experienced the less than optimal reality of life with small children. A naked baby booty shake, a poopy bathroom, messy home, and yelling children made their first interaction a memorable one. The room where it happened was literally Jillian’s living room – in all it’s imperfect glory. 

May you be encouraged that progress is not stopped by the chaos and messiness of your life. If you keep showing up, things keep moving forward. 

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