Stuck Inside? How To Get–And Stay–Healthy At Home

Stuck Inside? How To Get--And Stay--Healthy At Home

When people are looking to trim the excess from their household budgets, often the first thing to go is money spent on physical fitness. We cut out the gym membership, the subscription to healthy eating magazines, or the diet food delivery service. We believe we can get healthy at home without those tools, but where do we start? It’s definitely a challenge to get–and stay–healthy at home when you’re surrounded … Read more

Fun Things To Do At Home When You’re Stuck Inside

Fun Things To Do At Home When You're Stuck Inside

When you choose to pursue Financial Independence, that path inevitably leads to cutting back and saving as much as you can. But that doesn’t have to mean that we sit inside and wallow or cut out all the fun. We still need to take care of ourselves and find things that bring us joy. We can keep ourselves entertained if we’re smart about it. Table of Contents Assess What Entertainment You … Read more

Dual Enrollment: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Dual Enrollment: The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Each year, college costs rise a little higher. According to the College Board, the average tuition price for full-time in-state students rose by 2.3% in 2019-2020 to $10,440. And the increase was even higher at private institutions, rising by 3.4% to $36,880 per year. As costs continue to climb, so does student debt–now over $1.6 trillion in total. As a future student (or parent of one) what can you do … Read more

Refinance Your Student Loans With Credible

Credible review

If you have student loans, paying less interest on them and getting the debt paid off faster is an important part of your overall FI strategy. Rates are exceedingly low right now and this could be a perfect time to refinance. Doing so can lower both your interest rate and your monthly payment. Freeing up some cash on a monthly basis may come in handy as we face this national … Read more

Is A Tiny House The Way To Go? Here’s What To Consider

Is A Tiny House The Way To Go? Here's What To Consider

Tiny house living has moved from a fringe movement to a trend. It meets the concerns for many who want to simplify their lives, experience homeownership without a mortgage, or take on a new adventure. And with several television shows, magazine covers, and social media glamorizing the lifestyle, taking the plunge might be hard to resist. One of the main benefits of going tiny, touted by its evangelists, is the … Read more

How To Get Free And Discounted Gift Cards

How To Get Free And Discounted Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love free money? When you get a gift card, it feels like free money you can spend on whatever you want. You can treat yourself to a massage, grab lunch, or even shop at your favorite store when you have the right gift card in hand. You may get some gift cards for your birthday or another holiday, but that leaves you out of luck for the rest … Read more

Zero Impact Savings: Save More Money Without Changing Your Life

Zero Impact Savings: Save More Money Without Changing Your Life

If you want to save more money but don’t want to make any more changes to your lifestyle, consider zero impact savings. With a little bit of thought, you can find ways to save money that take no effort and require no sacrifices. Table Of Contents The Idea Of Zero Impact Savings Take Advantage Of Discounts Make Use Of Credit Cards Take Advantage Of Your Employer Match Reduce Your Investment … Read more

The 7 Best Cash Back Sites In 2020

The 7 Best Cash Back Sites In 2020

One great way to optimize your spending is to use cash back sites. When used to make purchases that you already plan on making, they can be a useful tool. Best of all, these sites often require limited effort on your part. If you are pursuing Financial Independence, it is important to remember that small savings can add up quickly. By using cash back sites you can take advantage of … Read more

7 Cheap Date Ideas Out On The Town (Because They Can’t All Be At-Home Date Nights)

7 Cheap Date Ideas Out On The Town

Has date night gotten lost somewhere between saving towards your early financial independence dreams and the realities of your cost of living? If you’re anything like my husband and me, you go on a lot of at-home date nights. We’ve had some pretty off-the-hook ones over the last few years. You know, the kind that keep two people growing as a couple, connecting, and having fun together. But let’s be … Read more

Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas For 2020

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas For 2020

Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate it. If you’re FI-minded, veering away from mindless and compulsory consumption can lead to creativity and personalizing an expression of your affection. Thus, making Valentine’s both special and FI-friendly. Get Creative, Not Consumerist Are there things the two of you haven’t done since you first started dating? Perhaps a special memory could be replicated. Or maybe it’s getting out and doing … Read more