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Getting Started With a Side Hustle

You are busy living your life, working your regular job, but every once in a while you have a thought–what if I could make a few extra bucks, and get our savings to grow even faster. Maybe it is time to consider a short-term side hustle.

A short term side hustle allows you to stash some cash without taking on the commitment of a long term side hustle.

Short term side hustles are perfect for those of whose day job is seasonal. If you can find a side hustle during your slow times at work this can really maximize your efforts. It’s also perfect for those who want to keep up a side hustle in retirement but don’t want to be tied to a full time business.

Winter Side Hustles

Snow can be fairly commonplace in some areas, but it still always feels like we get surprised by it. Plan ahead and be prepared to make some extra money!

Snow Removal

My own father, back in 1976, purchased a snow blower and worked his way around the neighborhood clearing sidewalks and driveways while going to Chiropractic school. It provided a much-needed income. But you could simplify with a shovel, and perhaps some salt rock for ice melting. Or expand with a truck and blade to clear long driveways out where it takes longer for the city crews to get to.

Snow Day Emergency Day Care

Although snow days can be unpredictable, they can also be an opportunity to make money. Parents still need to get to work, but schools are closed. Set up arrangements beforehand, so that all parties are on the same page for cost, hours, and care provided. I would much rather pay one of my close friends to watch my child for a day then try to scramble to an over-packed daycare.

Other Winter Ideas

  • Weatherizing homes for winter
  • Selling firewood
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Personal chef or catering for holiday parties
  • Corporate event planning for holiday parties
  • Temp help for offices if staff members are taking vacations for the holidays

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Summer Side Hustles

Summer is a bustling time to incorporate side hustles.

The heat of summer is perfect for concession stands. Selling all kinds of concoctions…cotton candy, hot dogs, ice cream, and shaved ice are just a few ideas. These low-cost items don’t require the expense of a “food truck,” and depending on local regulations, you can go where the crowds are.

Festivals And Shows

If you create–really anything–look into festivals. Many have vendor booths and are looking for people to sell. Art, knives, pens, pottery, homemade lotions and soaps, the list is endless. Often there is a fee for the booth, so do some research on the expected turn-out and pricing of like items. If it is a show, like a rock show–find out what is common and offer something unique. Sometimes the show isn’t where you make the most money, but it can be what gets your name out there. Talk to everyone that walks by, you never know the connections another person has.

Other Summer Ideas

  • Personal swimming instruction–for kids and adults
  • Workouts and personal training outside
  • House sitting for those that are on vacation
  • Summer camps for the neighbor kids
  • Yard care and landscaping–it can be as simple as weekly watering of plants to full-service lawn mowing and more
  • Wedding planning or wedding photography

Bonus points if you can get your kids involved!

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Vacation And Resort Side Hustles

Where ever the destination, whether it is snow skiing or playing at the beach, there are busy seasons. The increase of tourism or travelers for the season increases the opportunities for short-term side hustles.

If you live near an area with a ski resort, ski season is when the resort comes to life and is in need of front desk help, housekeeping for rooms and rentals, and even ski instructors. There are also opportunities for shuttle drivers and lift operators.

Sometimes full-time employment might seem to prohibit these extra opportunities, but perhaps a few weekends are possible for the short term. I have a friend that works with her regular job boss to adjust her schedule, allowing her to maximize her time for cleaning resort cabins. Besides the increase in pay for short-term, the tips are an added bonus.

If you live in an area that is more summer tourism, many of the same needs apply.

  • tour guides
  • fishing guides
  • bird-watching excursions
  • hiking guides
  • be a guide to whatever is unique to your area. Such as mines, caves, boating, ghost towns, etc.

Even something like a “local restaurant guide” where you know where the locals like to eat. Many visitors want a personal feel to an area, not just more of the national chains.

Find a way to connect the two worlds, and you could find a side hustle that pays well.

Don’t overlook the possibilities of the service industry. Whether it be laundry and mending, bartending, waitressing, or other such positions, even if just for the “busy season.” With so many things “reviewed” and “starred,” if you have the attention to detail that will increase positive reviews, use that to your advantage to get the job.

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Equipment And Handyman Side Hustles

For one reason or another, we might be the owner of a piece of equipment that might present itself as an opportunity to do a short term hustle.

For example, if you have a rototiller, not the most common piece of equipment, let your neighbors know you can help them prepare their garden plots for a straight fee.

A pressure washer is another one, many would pay to have someone with some skill, use a pressure washer to wash their home, their sidewalks, etc. Or maybe a mobile/on location car wash and detailing service.

Even if you have a truck and open trailer, people are often looking for help in hauling a load somewhere. Too small for a Uhaul, too big for a car. And delivery can be so expensive. You could use your local Craigslist or Offerup to get your name out there. Look around for the needs in your area. And it could be only one or two Saturdays a month.

Renting out this odd piece of equipment may also be an option for you. Make a bit of money without taking any of your time.

Handyman services are wide-ranging and variable. Helping someone get their “to do” list done is a great exchange of some time for some income.  For some, it could be simple repairs around the home and yard. For others, it could include remodels or design of a new space. Find your niche and let it generate some extra dollars for you.

The Bottom Line

Seasonal or short term side hustles abound. You just have to get a bit creative. They can be a great way to bring in extra money without the time commitment of a long term side hustle.

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