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Financial and Relational Growth with Millennial Revolution

In 2010, Kristy and Bryce had just been married. Bryce was ready to “build her an empire”. In the last ten years, with much pain and anguish, they indeed built their empire. The Millennial Revolution began as a mindset that was shaped by Bryce’s wedding vows: They are stronger together than they are apart. Growing together with similar intensity, they have found meaning in meeting their goals and the process it has taken to get them there.

There is a prevailing myth that we believe: if we do that one great thing it will fix every problem. For Kristy and Bryce, their one great thing was publishing a book!  When they published a young adult novel and it didn’t produce the anticipated result the myth was shattered. So, they tried again. This time their book, Quit Like A Millionaire, was very successful, but it still didn’t solve all their problems. They were from all outward appearances, very secure financially and thrivinging personally, but Kristy was dealing with serious anxiety.  When 2020 halted everyone’s plans, Kristy found herself not only stuck in Toronto, but also trapped in her own head.

Back home, there was no longer a way to avoid the relationships that were the crux of her mental health struggles. It took a pandemic to help Kristy learn to cope with her own mental health and deal with the trauma of her childhood. As she grew in her own healing, she found herself compelled to try and improve the broken relationship with her mother. 

“I couldn’t really be open to her sharing [her] experiences and understanding that she was doing the best that she could, until I healed myself first. Until I could acknowledge my pain.”  

Our emotional and mental health is as important as our financial health. The small investments made will eventually reap compound interest gains. By being courageous in the small things, we can experience exponential personal growth.

Kristy and Bryce don’t know if the next ten years will be as tumultuous as the last, but they are ready for whatever it brings. 

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