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FI Weekly – November 3, 2020

It felt odd to not acknowledge that it’s Election Day here in the US. While I found a bunch of inspiring quotes about voting, I’ll leave it to this simple one from Jenna Bush that, if nothing else, “We can all agree on the importance of voting.”

‘Last Call’ on Highest Ever Bonus on Our Favorite Card

NOW EXPIRED: Chase put out a ‘last call’ date of November 8th 2020 for the incredible 80,000 Ultimate Rewards bonus point offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Simply put, this is the best offer we’ve ever seen on what was already our top recommended rewards credit card! If you’ve been on the fence about applying, now is the time.

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New ChooseFI Website

I’m incredibly excited to announce the new website is live!!

The whole team is extraordinarily proud of how it turned out. The entire concept was to make it a true resource and easier for you to find and share information as you move forward on your path to FI.

A huge thank you to Liz, Giada, William, Annie, MK, Stephen, Melissa, Kelly and the entire team for the thousands of hours they put in to making this possible!

Please check it out and let us know what you think (and to go with the launch I created, a new ‘5 Day FI Challenge’ for you to share with friends, family, and colleagues getting started with FI). [edit: the 5 Day FI Challenge course has now closed].

The Simple StartUp Winter Challenge

The signup just opened for The Simple Startup Winter Challenge! If you have a 10 to 18-year-old interested in entrepreneurship, this 10-week course is a can’t-miss.

They’ll get a copy of The Simple Startup workbook, the online course, weekly live webinars, email access to Rob plus a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs.
[edit: Simple Startup Winter Challenge 2020 registration is now closed, but there are more upcoming challenges.]

ChooseFI Community Taking Action this Week:

  • Eva said, “I started meal prepping again and have less desire to eat out. I also have started laying out my clothes the night before to prevent decision making fatigue hitting so early in my day.”
  • Chris said, “After listening to the ChooseFI 403b podcast (Ep 220) I checked into my husband’s plan and found that they offered Vanguard funds with low fees vs what he was auto enrolled in. I changed all his selections and reduced the fees considerably! After 4 years of blind contributions and high fees my eyes were opened by your podcast and it motivated me take action that will save us considerable amounts of money over the next 10-15 years!”
  • Jane said, “I signed up for a Personal Capital account. I am amazed how organized I feel to see the whole picture. Thank you for all your advice and tips, I am listening and changing our financial house for the better with every episode!”
  • Luke said, “We are in the process of refinancing our VA loan to 2.375%. As we are halfway into the process, out of the blue, the original loan officer we got the loan from (his bank sold it) emails me and offers a refi of 2.25%. But we would have to go through the application process and pull my credit, etc. We decided to take that offer to the existing company we were already using for the refi to see if they would match it. After literally one email just to ask…BOOM 2.25%. closing next week. It always makes sense to ask!”
  • Larry said, “I just checked out a book from my local library and received the following email from the library: “You just saved $15.74 by using your library. You have saved $1,593.02 this past year and $9,516.04 since you began using the library!” Pretty incredible!! I have saved almost $1600 this past year by using the library and over $9500 since I have been a member of the library!! The library is a GREAT resource!!”
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