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FI Weekly – August 04, 2020

The Value of Blank Space

We talk on the podcast about the value of blank space on our calendars – what we affectionately call the “Red X Month.” Take a red marker and draw a huge “X” over an entire month and plan nothing during that time.

While I’m incredibly fortunate to truly take that time away from everything, I think this concept of blank space is valuable for everyone reading this.

Start small and plan a week with no meetings or pre-planned events. Learn to say “no” to things, even when it’s difficult. Build this muscle and experience the discomfort of saying no, but ultimately learn to prioritize your most valuable resource: your time.

My Favorite Episode?

Episode 240 of ChooseFI with Tiffany Aliche “The Budgetnista” may have been my single favorite guest interview in our entire history. She is truly amazing and inspiring and you must listen to it if you haven’t already. If videos are more your style, our team created a handful of excerpts of the interview for your viewing enjoyment:

ChooseFI Community Taking Action This Week:

  • Brian “maxed my 403b for the first time in my adult life. 403b, Roth and HSA to the max! Just call me Maximus!”
  • Evelyn said, “it’s my last week working full time!!! Going down to one day per week to enjoy my babies while they’re young.”
  • Andrea “called about our internet and tv – and ended up saving $85/month with all of the specials they were running!”
  • Tommy “decided that my wife and I are actually going to track our expenses for the month of August and see how it goes.”
  • Miranda “used to hire someone to paint my kitchen cabinets. Great reviews and $1100 less than my other 2 quotes.”
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